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This March is a busy month in Shanghai. There's a lot to do. Here are the


Live Music - Late Night Jazz

Enjoy real American jazz from Herbie Davis, the famous trumpet player. He's coming with his new 7-piece band, Herbie' s Heroes. Herbie is known to play well into the early hours, so don't expect to get much sleep. This is Herbie' s third visit to Shanghai. The first two were sold out, so get your tickets quickly.

PLACE: The Jazz Club DATES: 15-23 March PRICE: ¥80,120 TIME: 10:00p.m. till late! TEL: 6466-8736

Scottish dancing

Take your partners and get ready to dance till you drop. Scottish dancing is fun and easy to learn. Instructors will demonstrate the dances. The live band, Gordon Stroppie and the Weefrees, are also excellent.

PLACE: Jack Stein's DATES: every Monday PRICE: Y60 including one drink TIME: 7:00 - ~0:00 p.m. TEL: 6402-1877

Exhibitions - Shanghai Museum

There are 120,000 pieces on show here. You can see the whole of Chinese history under one roof. It' s always interesting to visit, but doubly so at the moment with the Egyptian Tombs exhibition. There are lots of mummies and more gold than you've ever seen before. Let us know if you see a mummy move!

PLACE: Shanghai Museum PRICE: ¥30 (¥ 15 for students) TEL: 6888-6888 DATES: daily TIME: Monday - Friday 9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m., Weekends 9:00a.m. - 9:00p.m.

Dining - Sushi chef in town

Sushi is getting really big in Shanghai. In Japan, it' s become an art form. The most famous Sushi 'artist' is Yuki Kamura. She' s also one of the few female chefs in Japan. She' ll be at Sushi Scene all of this month.

PLACE: Sushi Scene in the Shanghai Hotel DATES: all month PRICE: ¥200 TIME: lunchtime TEL: 6690-3211

For a full listing of events, see our website.

56. Suppose you are going to attend an activity at 8: 00p. m. on Saturday, which one can you choose?

A. Live Music - Late Night Jazz B. Scottish dancing

C. Exhibitions - Shanghai Museum D. Dining - Sushi chef in town

57. Which of the following is true according to the advertisements?

A. Scottish dancing is so interesting and easy that it never tires you out.

B. The performance given by the American jazz band won't last long.

C. Sushi is not popular in Shanghai as it is a kind of Japanese traditional food.

D. It is more interesting to visit Shanghai Museum for the exhibits from Egypt.

58. From the text we may learn that Kamura is _______.

A. a cook B. a waitress C. an instructor D. an artist


Since we are social beings, the quality of our lives depends in large measure on our interpersonal relationships. One strength of the human condition is our possibility to give and receive support from one another under stressful (有压力的) conditions. Social support makes up of the exchange of resources among people based on their interpersonal ties. Those of us with strong support systems appear better able to deal with major life changes and daily problems. People with strong social ties live longer and have better health than those without such ties. Studies over types of illnesses, from depression to heart disease, show that the presence of social support helps people defend themselves against illness, and the absence of such support makes poor health more likely.

Social support cushions stress in a number of ways. First, friends, relatives and co-workers may let us know that they value us. Our self-respect is strengthened when we feel accepted by others in spite of our faults and difficulties. Second, other people often provide us with informational support. They help us to define and understand our problems and find solutions to them. Third, we typically find social companionship supportive. Taking part in free-time activities with others helps us to meet our social needs while at the same time distracting (转移注意力) us from our worries and troubles. Finally, other people may give us instrumental support money aid, material resources, and needed services - that reduces stress by helping us resolve and deal with our problems.

59. Interpersonal relationships are important because they can ________

A. make people live more easily B. smooth away daily problems

C. deal with life changes D. cure types of illnesses

60. The researches show that people's physical and mental health _______

A. lies in the social medical care systems which support them

B. has much to do with the amount of support they get from others

C. depends on their ability to deal with daily worries and troubles

D. is related to their courage for dealing with major life changes

61. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the underlined word "cushions"?

A. takes place of B. makes up of

C. lessens the effect of D. gets rid of

62. Helping a sick neighbor with some repair work in spare time is an example of ________

A.instrumental support B. informational support

C.social companionship D. the strengthening of self-respect

63. What is the subject discussed in the text?

A. Interpersonal relationships. B. Kinds of social support.

C. Ways to deal with stress. D. Effects of stressful condition.


Many people are interested in family history, an area of study called genealogy (家谱学). Most genealogy experts have heard about the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Library claims to have the largest collection of genealogical records in the world. Shirley Griffith has more about this unusual research center.

The Family History Library has many records to help people search for information about their family histories. It has birth, marriage and death records from religious groups and governments. The collection includes official population, court and property records. It also includes burial records, ship passenger lists and published family histories.

The Family History Library has information from almost every area of the world. Most records are from 1550 through 1920. These records include the names of more than two thousand million people who have died. The library has few records of living persons.

The Family History Library is operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The church has been gathering family history records around the world for more than one hundred years. The group urges (催促) its members to study the lives of early family members as a religious requirement.

The Family History Library is open to the public every day except Sunday and some holidays. Visitors are invited to use its books and other materials. Library officials say it is one of the most popular places for visitors in Utah. About two thousand four hundred people use the library each day.

Individuals, families and private groups have given some of their records to the library. The library bought other records from governments. All the information is gathered with the approval (批准) of governments or officials who supervise (监督) the records.

The library copies many records to a kind of film that can be read with special equipment. It is known as microfilm. The collection is always expanding. Today, Church representatives are making copies of important records around the world.

Many people find it difficult to travel to Utah to use the Family History Library. So, the Church has set up more than three thousand Family History Centers in seventy-five countries around the world.

64. It is less likely that you can get _____ from the Family History Library.

A. dates of some people's births

B. names of some people who died at sea

C. records of certain judges or some laws

D. information about certain persons alive

65. Normally how many visitors does the library in Utah receive in a week?

A. 2,400. B. 3,000. C. 14,400. D. 16,800.

66. The text is mainly about ________

A.the history of genealogy B. the study of family history

C.the Family History Library D. the Church of Jesus Christ


Fred Michel is one of 7.2 million Americans who moonlight, or hold more than one job.

Once a week, after his day job as medical director of a mental health center, the 40-year-old psychiatrist (精神病大夫) heads to a part-time job at a treatment center for young people. Twice a month, he travels three hours to another teenage treatment center.

Last year, 5.4 percent of the American workforce held second jobs, according to the US Labor Department, and that looks set to increase this year.

Many workers like the safety that moonlighting provides, says Carl Hausamn, the writer of "Moonlighting: 148 Great Ways to Make Money to the Side."

The information from the US Labor Department shows that 40 percent of US moonlighters in 1997 took a second job to meet household expenses or pay off debts. Others save money or buy some special things.

People also take second jobs with an eye to the future - wanting to try out a new field or gain experience.

Michel started moonlighting when medical systems were unstable (不稳定的). He wanted to make sure he wasn't tied to one system that ended up failing.

Just as the purposes for moonlighting vary, the moonlighters cross all age and racial groups. And they work in a variety of industries - no longer just service, office and sale jobs.

“Technology just affects your ability to make money,” Hausman says. "That makes a frequent change in moonlighting."

As its name means, moonlighting still occurs mostly at night. And that results in some pressures. Chief among them is time.

Full-time employers could misunderstand, too. Some companies do not allow after-hour work because they fear it will affect their employees' 9-to-5 performance.

"The primary employer is saying, ‘Wait, I'm paying you for the sharp, fresh, energetic you,’” says Tom Gimbel, president and founder of LaSalle Staffing in Chicago. "If you' re burning yourself at both ends, it's going to show."

Still, the good done to the moonlighters can be great. Besides extra income, moonlighters enjoy variety, freedom and chance to do something new. They also may find their part-time jobs strengthen what they do full time.

Besides, "it's fun," Michel says. Not only do his part-time jobs offer a chance to network, stretch his professional skills and make more money, but they also give him the variety he wouldn't find just in a full-time job.

"It' s a way of pulling from the spice cabinet" he says, "and offering a little variety throughout the day."

67. What is the article mainly about?

A. The ways of moonlighting. B. The reasons for moonlighting.

C. The problems with moonlighting. D. The kinds of people who moonlight.

68. The reason why Fred Michel began to moonlight is that ________.

A. he found it exciting to do a part-time job

B. he needed to make ends meet with more money

C. he feared he would lose his present job one day

D. he felt more and more pressure from his employer

69. Some companies don't allow their workers to moonlight because they are afraid ________.

A. their workers can not do extra-hour work for them

B. their workers will be too tired to try their best at work

C. their workers will one day turn to some other different jobs

D. their workers will not get to work and be off work on time

70. The underlined sentence "It's a way of pulling from the spice cabinet." in the last paragraph means _________.

A. moonlighting gets you away from the job you don' t enjoy

B. moonlighting offers you freedom to make extra money

C. moonlighting strengthens your professional skills

D. moonlighting brings you chances to do something different


"I've changed my mind. I wanted to have a telescope, but now I want my daddy back." Lucien Lawrence' s letter to Father Christmas written after his schoolteacher father had been knifed to death outside his school gate, must have touched every heart. Lucien went on to say that without his father he couldn't see the stars in the sky. When those whom we love depart from us, we cannot see the stars for a while.

But Lucien, the stars are still there, and one day, when you are older and your tears have gone, you will see them again. And, in a strange way, I expect that you will find your father is there too, in your mind and in your heart. I find that my parents, long dead now, still figure in many of my dreams and that I think of them perhaps more than I ever did when they were alive. I still live to please them and I' m still surprised by their reactions. I remember that when I became a professor, I was so proud, or rather so pleased with myself, that I couldn't wait to cable my parents. The reply was a long time in coming, but when it did, all Mother said was "I hope this means that now you will have more time for the children!" I haven' t forgotten. The values of my parents still live on.

It makes me pause and think about how I will live on in the hearts and minds of my children and of those for whom I care. Would I have been as ready as Philip Lawrence have been to face the aggressors (挑衅者),and to lay down my life for those in my care? How many people would want me back for Christmas? It's a serious thought, one to give me pause.

I pray silently, sometimes, in the dead of night, that ancient cry of a poet "Deliver my soul from the sword (剑), and my darling from the power of the dog." Yet I know the death comes to us all, and sometimes comes suddenly. We must therefore plan to live forever, but live as if we will die tomorrow. We live on, I'm sure, in the lives of those we loved, and therefore we ought to have a care for what they will remember and what they will treasure. If more parents knew this in their hearts to be true, there might be fewer knives on our streets today.

71. According to the whole text we can see that the first paragraph _____.

A. puts forward the subject of the text

B. shows the author's pity on the kid

C. acts as an introduction to the discussion

D. makes a clear statement of the author's views

72. In the second paragraph the author mainly wants to explain to us ___.

A. how much he misses his parents now

B. why his parents often appear in his dream

C. when Lucien will get over all his sadness

D. how proud he was when he succeeded in life

73. What feeling did the author's mother express in her reply?

A. Proud. B. Happy. C. Disappointed. D. Worried

74. In the author's opinion, the value of a person's life is ________.

A. to leave behind a precious memory to the people related

B. to have a high sense of duty to the whole society

C. to care what others will remember and treasure

D. to share happiness and sadness with his family

75. What does the writer mean by the sentence taken from an old poem?

A. Call on criminals and murderers to lay down their guns.

B. Advise parents stay with their children safely at home.

C. Spend every day meaningfully in memory of the death.

D. Try to keep violence and murder far away from society.

56.C 57.D 58.A 59.A 60.B 61.C 62.C 63.A 64.D 65.C 66.C 67.B 68.C 69.B 70.D71.C 72.B 73.D 74.A 75.D


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