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  1. The results were ________ in comparison with the effort required to achieve them.

  A) insignificant B) tiny C) minor D) indispensable.

  2. There are several characteristics of the book _________ special attention.

  A) worthy B) worthy of C) worth of D) worthless

  3. I shall have a companion in the house after all these _______ years.

  A) single B) sole C) alone D) lonely

  4. None of the servants were _________ when Mr. Smith wanted to send a message.

  A) available B) approachable C) attainable D) applicable

  5. There were no tickets ________ for Friday’s performance.

  A) preferable B) considerable C) possible D) available

  6. I find this treatment very _________ to my health.

  A) advisable B) invaluable C) beneficial D) worthy

  7. As a _________ president, his views are treated with respect when he is interviewed.

  A) prior B) previous C) late D) former

  8. Jane was hit on the head by the robber and was knocked _________.

  A) unconscious B) brainless C) unaware D) mindless

  9. The car is quite ________ of petrol.

  A) economic B) saving C) economical D) sparing

  10. There were some ________ flowers on the table.

  A) artificial B) unnatural C) false D) unreal

  11. He was ________ of having asked such a silly question.

  A) sorry B) guilty C) ashamed D) miserable

  12. You should hire a more _________ manager than the one you currently have.

  A) sufficient B) effective C) efficient D) respective

  13. There was a ________ drop in support for the Union in the 1974 election.

  A) delicate B) distinct C) distant D) downward

  14. As a mother, she is too _________ towards her daughter, she should let her see more of the world.

  A) hopeful B) protective C) modest D) confident

  15. He made such a ________ contribution to the university that they are naming one of the new buildings after him.

  A) genuine B) minimum C) modest D) generous

  16. She is a very ________ secretary: she never forgets anything or makes a mistake.

  A) anxious B) effective C) adequate D) efficient

  17. The ________ man said that it was impossible for him to be at the scene of the crime because he was in another town.

  A) guilty B) accused C) evil D) criminal

  18. Nylon is a kind of ________ material widely used in our daily lives.

  A) mixed B) combined C) synthetic D) systematic

  19. Because of the _________ emphasis placed on classroom work, the instructor will report your absences to the adviser.

  A) large B) strong C) hard D) high

  20. It does not alter the fact that he was the man _________ for the death of the little girl.

  A) accounting B) guilty C) responsible D) obliged

  21. Free medical treatment in this country covers sickness of mind as well as ________ sicknesses.

  A) normal B) regular C) average D) ordinary

  22. They took ________ measures to poisonous gases from escaping.

  A) fruitful B) beneficial C) valid D) effective

  23. It is quite necessary for a qualified teacher to have good manners and _________ knowledge.

  A) extensive B) expansive C) intensive D) expensive

  24. I’m not sure whether I can gain any profit from the investment, so I can’t make a(an) ________ promise to help you.

  A) exact B) defined C) definite D) sure

  25. Writing is a slow process, requiring ________ thought, time, and effort.

  A) significant B) considerable C) enormous D) numerous

  26. Physics is ________ to the science which was called material philosophy in history.

  A) alike B) equivalent C) likely D) uniform

  27. The president made a ________ speech at the opening ceremony of the sports meeting, which encouraged the sportsman greatly.

  A) vigorous B) tedious C) flat D) harsh

  28. Convenience foods which are already prepared for cooking are ________ in grocery stores.

  A) ready B)approachable C) probable D) available

  29. In general, the amount that a student spends for housing should be held to one-fifth of the total ________ for living expenses.

  A) acceptable B) advisable C) available D) applicable

  30. Since the matter was extremely ________, we dealt with it immediately.

  A) tough B) tense C) urgent D) instant

  31. The shy girl felt ________ and uncomfortable when she could not answer her teacher’s question.

  A) amazed B) awkward C) curious D) amused

  32. The patient’s health failed to such an extent that he was put into _________ care.

  A) tense B) rigid C) intensive D) tight

  33. Our new house is very _________ for me as I can get to the office in five minutes.

  A) adaptable B) comfortable C) convenient D)available

  34. Although they plant trees in this area every year, the tops of some hills are still ________.

  A) bare B) vacant C) blank D) hollow

  35. The words of the old teacher left a ________ impression on his mind. He is still influenced by them.

  A) long B) lively C) lasting D) liberal

  36. It is our _______ policy that we will achieve unity through peaceful means.

  A) consistent B) continuous C) considerate D) continual

  37. He is _______ about his chances of winning a gold medal in the Olympics next year.

  A) optimistic B) optional C) outstanding D) obvious

  38. She cooked the meat for a long time so as to make it ________ enough to eat.

  A) mild B) slight C) light D) tender

  39. Young people are not ________ to stand and look at works of art; they want art they can participate in.

  A) conservative B) content C) confident D) generous

  40. By law, when one makes a large purpose, he should have ________ opportunity to change his mind.

  A) accurate B) urgent C) excessive D) adequate

  41. It is said that the math teacher seems ________ to bright students.

  A) partial B) beneficial C) preferable D) liable

  42. In order to show his boss what a careful worker he was, he took ________ trouble over the figures.

  A) extensive B) spare C) extra D) supreme

  43. All the key words in the article are printed in _______ type so as to attract readers’ attention.

  A) dark B) dense C) black D) bold

  44. If this kind of fish becomes ________, future generations may never taste it at all.

  A) minimum B) short C) seldom D) scarce

  45. Purchasing the new production line will be a ________ deal for the company.

  A) profitable B) tremendous C) forceful D) favorite

  46. Though he was born and brought up in America, he can speak ________ Chinese.

  A) smooth B) fluent C) fluid D) flowing

  47. Petrol is refined from the _________ oil we take out of the ground.

  A) fresh B) original C) rude D) crude

  48. In the Chinese household, grandparents and other relatives play _________ roles in raising children.

  A) incapable B) indispensable C) insensible D) infinite

  49. My brother’s plans are very _________ ; he wants to master English, French and Spanish before he is sixteen.

  A) arbitrary B) aggressive C) ambitious D) abundant

  50. The statistical figures in that report are not _________. You should not refer to them.

  A) accurate B) fixed C) delicate D) rigid

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