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1.abandon vt. 放弃;抛弃

Many developing countries have already resolved to abandon efforts to bid for the Olympic Games. (许多发展中国家已决定放弃申办奥运会的努力。)

2.ABM <缩写> anti-ballistic missile 反弹道导弹

Analysts believe that both me plan itself and its clear intention to abrogate the ABM Treaty can only further erode mutual trust.(分析家们认为,这一计划的本身及其毫不含糊的要废除反弹道导弹条约的意图,都只能进一步危害相互信任.)

3.abolish the system of life-long tenure in leading post 废除领导职务终身制

4.abortive coup attempt 未遂政变

5.absent trial 缺席审判

6.absent voting 缺席投票

7.absolute majority 绝对多数

8.absolute monarchy 君主专制政体

9.abstain from voting 弃权;不投票

10.abuse of power for personal gain 以权谋私

11.academia n. 学术界

12.academic career 学历;学业

13.academic city 大学城

14.academic credentials 学术资历;学术造诣

15.academician n. 院士

16.Academy Award (美国)电影艺术与科学学会年度奖;奥斯卡金像

17.academy of sciences 科学院

“Botanical Gardens of China”, a book recording their development over the last 50 years, has been published in Chinese and French by Science Press under the Chinese Academy of Science.(一本记载中国植物园50年来发展历史的书籍《中国植物园》一书,已由中国科学院所属的科学出版社以中法两种文字出版。)

18.accelerate v. 加速

The editorial called on the whole people to be united with the Party central committee and strive hard to accelerate the realization of the four modernizations.(社论号召全国人民团结在党中央的周围,为加速实现四个现代化而奋斗。)

19. accident n. 意外事件;事故

20. accompany vt. 伴随;陪同 vi. 伴奏

21. accomplice n. 同谋犯

22. accord n. 协定;协议

The officials of the two countries have signed a new grain sales contract, extending a recently expired accord.(两国官员已签署了一份新的粮食销售合同,从而延长了最近到期的一项协定。)

23. According to an anonymous source… 据一位不愿意透露姓名的消息灵通人士说……

24. accredited journalist 特派记者

25. accumulated deficit 累计赤字

26. accuse vt. 指责;控诉

It might accuse the company of not paying its taxes for the past four years.(它可能会控告这家公司没有交纳过去4年里应交的税款。)

27.acknowledge vt. 承认

The prime minister acknowledged his country’s expenditures have for years exceeded income. (总理承认国家的开支多年来已超过了收入。)

The spokesman openly acknowledged that this expensive crash test, spectacular though it was, was not conducted primarily as a scientific experiment. (这位发言人公开承认,这次代价沉重的撞击试验虽为壮观,但首先并不是作为科学试验而进行的。)

28.acoustics n. 音响效果

The performance was slightly marred by the hall’s poor (由于大厅音响效果不尽人意,演出因此稍受影响。)

29.acquit vt. 宣告……无罪;无罪释放

He was acquitted of the charges.(指控不成立,他被无罪释放。)

30.acrobatic a. 杂技(表演)的

It was a rare experience to attend a show at once so innocent, so charming, so skilled, and so fresh, as that given at the Shanghai Acrobatic Tester.(既天真无邪又妩媚动人,既技艺绝伦有活泼新颖,能在上海杂技场看上这样一场表演,的确是人生一次难得的经历。)

31.acrobatics n. 杂技

32.across-the board wage increase 全面增长工资

33.acting president 代总统

34.action platform 行动纲领

35.action policy 行动方针;实施方针

36.active capital 流动资本

37.active substance 放射性物质

38.active trade balance 贸易顺差

39.activist n. 活动家;活跃分子

40.add vt.


One of the best ways farmers can make their land richer is to add nitrogen to the soil.(农民们能够使他们的土地肥沃的最好办法之一,就是在土壤中加施氮肥。)


China has been relentless in its pursuit of economic reforms, and has adopted an earnest and down-to-the earth attitude in its WTO negotiations, the Chinese delegate added.(中国代表补充说,中国一直在坚持不懈地进行经济改革,并在世界贸易组织谈判中持认真务实的态度。)

41.administration party 执政党

42.administrative a. 行政的;执政的

43.admit vt. (1).承认

Later, the foreign minister may admit what he had said on TV was wrong. (稍后,这位为外交部长可能会就其电视讲话的内容承认他是错的。)


last week both the north and south Koreas were admitted into the Untied Nations.(上周,南北朝鲜被获准加入联合国。)

45.admit the best examinee 择优录取

46.adopt vt. 采用;选定;正式通过

47.adult education 承认教育

48.advance booking office 预售票初

49.advance country 发达国家

50.advanced production worker 先进生产者


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