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  2015年6月13日的英语四级考试刚刚结束,本次考试为多题多卷,整理了不同版本的真题及参考答案,供考生参考,下面是出国留学网整理的2015年6月英语四级考试答案 (文字版),欢迎查看。




  Short Conversations

  1. A. The woman should go on playing chess.

  2. D. Mary probably knows Sally’s new address.

  3. B. His notes are not easy to read.

  4. D. The man had better choose another restaurant.

  5 .C. He has been looking forward to spring.

  6. B. The man appreciates the woman’s help.

  7. B. Go to work on foot.

  8. A. Temporary closing has disturbed the airport’s operation.

  Conversation one

  9. C. It has a chemical processing plant.

  10. D. He’s a salesman.

  11.C. Mr. Grand’s personal assistance.

  12. B. Provide details of their products and services.

  Conversation two

  13. A. She listened to recordings of many European orchestras.

  14. D. She began taking violin lessons as a small child.

  15. A. It was the chance of a lifetime.

  Passage One

  16. B) His personal history is little known.

  17. D) He was a member of the town council.

  18. C) Possible sources of clues about him were lost in a fire.

  Passage Two

  19. A) Theft.

  20. B) Have the right documents.

  21. B) Use official transport.

  Passage Three

  22. C) Sell inexpensive products.

  23. A) At a meeting of top British businesspeople.

  24. D) Insulted.

  25. B) There should be a limit to one's sense of humour


  26. prospering

  27. decade

  28. opposite

  29. sustain

  30. In simple terms

  31. establish

  32. reasonably

  33. take into account

  34. misleading

  35. using up


  36 H passively

  37 F harmful

  38 I previously

  39 L surfing

  40 C decade

  41 A climbed

  42 G outcomes

  43 E effective

  44 B consume

  45 D determine



  56 B) Well-educated people tend to work longer.

  57 B) A rapid technological advance.

  58 A) Economic growth will slow down.

  59 C) Even wealthy people must work longer to live comfortably in retirement.

  60 D) Skills are highly valued regardless of age.

  61 C) The decline of the grain yield growth.

  62 A) Their self-sufficiency is vital to the stability of world food markets.

  63 D) They focus more on the increase of animal feed than human food feed grains.

  64 D) The world will be able to feed its population without increasing farmland.

  65 B) It is based on a doubtful assumption.



  In the eyes of the western, the basic food closest to China isrice. Rice has long occupied so significant a position in the dietof Chinese that there is a proverb “ Even a clever housewife cannotcook a meal without rice”. Rice is grown mostly in southern Chinawhere people usually take rice as their staple food, while itcannot be planted in northern China where the climate is either toocold or too dry for rice to grow. As a result, the main crop in thenorth is wheat. In China, flour is sometimes the main ingredientfor bread but more often used to make buns and noodles。第一句,简单句;第二句如此以至于结构“so... that…"注意so的用法,直接接adj. 或adv。第三句南北对比,可以用while或whereas连接,最后一句也是对比句,主语people是比较泛的大主语,考虑改写为被动句。



  As is graphicallydepicted in the cartoon, modern life has been dominated bycomputers. No matter the young man is in the office, at home, andin his spare time, the only friend he has is a computer. Even whenhe sleeps, what is in his dream is still the computer. Apparently,the cartoon aims to reveal the fact that the computer has begun toplay a negative role in the modern life.


  The reasons whymodern people are tied up with computers are as follows. To beginwith, they have become increasingly busier in making money;therefore, they need a quick way to outlet their pressure andexhaustion and computer is their ideal companion. Moreover,computers can assist people to deal with complicated working stuff,make friends, and entertain themselves because they have becomegrowingly powerful and everything else is linked with them. Forinstance, two decades ago, computers were far from popular andpeople used them to to practice typing letters and do basic works.However, with the Internet becoming pervasive, computers haveintegrated music, films, shopping, and everything we like intotheir worlds. Now, when we power on the all-mighty computers, whatwe want is out there for us.


  To sum up, thislifestyle is absolutely imperfect. In order to lead a healthy life,we are supposed to do more exercises and expose ourselves to thetangible world. Meanwhile, it is about time that we powered thecomputer off and talked with our friends and familily face-to-face.Only in these ways will modern life become more beautiful for youand me.





  36、A announcing

  37、K entitled

  38、G critical

  39、L potential

  40、D commitment

  41、H develop

  42、J enhance

  43、O retain

  44、E copponent

  45、C challenges


  56、B It will protect them from sunburn

  57、A It is ineffecitive in preventing melanomas

  58、D Daily application of sunscreen helps reduce the incidence of melanomas

  59、C It is not based on sirect observation of the subjects

  60、A A Using both covering up and sunscreen.

  61、B well-educated people tend to work longer.

  62、B A rapid techonological advwnce.

  63、A Economic groth will slow down.

  64、C Even wealthy people must work longer to live comfortably in retirement .

  65、D Skills are highly valued regardless of age.



  China is one of the oldest cultures in the world, from which much that constructs the foundation of the modern world is derived. China is witnessing the fastest development ofits economy and experiencing a new industrial revolution. Also, China has started the ambitious program forexploring the outer space, including to complete a space station by2020. Currently, being one of the largest exporters in the world,China is attracting massive foreign investment. Simultaneously, it has invested billions of dollars overseas. In 2011, China surpassed Japan as the world’s second-largesteconomy.



  第四句注意2020是将来时间,非谓语应采取to do 形式,如果用谓语要用将来完成时;





  As is graphically depicted in the cartoon, a young girl is talking with her mother. She says ironically, “Good news mom! I was accepted to the college of your choice!” Then, her mother smilesand seems content with this result. Apparently, the cartoon aims toreveal the fact that a majority of modern parents play anincreasingly negative role in their children’s growth.


  There are several possible reasons accountable for thisphenomenon(中心句). To begin with, family in growing numbers has onlyone child; therefore, parents oftentimes focus all their attentionson that child and exert much pressure on him or her(原因一). Moreover,numerous parents intend to realize their unfulfilled dreams byletting their children learn what they failed to learn and applyfor the college by which they failed to be accepted, because theyhave become richer and they believe that they have the power tomake what they wanted and want come true now(原因二). For instance, myuncle used to be a poor man and his dream that one day he wouldbecome a violinist was broken because of lack of money. But he madea fortune by selling coals, and then forced his son, my youngerbrother to practice playing violin. My brother was a huge fan ofsports, but now he has to play violin everyday unwillingly andofter quarrels with theirparents(举例:原来-然后-结局).

  To sum up, it is unreasonable for parents to control theirchildren’s life(总结句). In order to help them grow happily andhealthily, parents are supposed to communicate with their kidsabout what they are really interested in(建议一,目的句型). Meanwhile, itis about time that parents let their kids make their ownchoices(建议二,“是时候”句型). Only in these ways will children grow in apsychologically happy environment and realize their owndreams.






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