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1. 通读全句,确定意思


1) Germany and France are ______ countries.


2) A good _______ makes a good ending.

2. 根据成分或结构,判断词性


1) Disabled people can’t use their arms or legs ____.

2) In ______ countries ,the most important holiday is Christmas .

3) The letter “b”makes no _____ in the word “climb”.

3. 上下兼顾,判断单复数


1) The earth is one of the p______.

2) Edison is one of the greatest _______ in the world .

4. 全面考虑,不忘大小写

1) _________ comes after summer.

2) Tree Planting Day is on ______ 12th .




1. 推理型

If you want to read quickly, you must use your eyes and ______ not your mouth.

分析:根据句意“如果你想阅读快,必须同时用眼和用脑,而不是用嘴”,由此确定横线处填 brain。

2. 释义型

A ______ is a person who is employed to work in another person’s house.

分析: 受人雇佣,在别人家干活的人自然是“佣人”,所以填 servant。

3. 对比型

It’s easier to spend money than _____ money.

分析:从句中的spend money可联想出由“花钱比挣钱容易”,对比的应该是earn money,故填 earn。

4. 搭配型

Water can _______ into steam when it is heated.

分析:水在被加热时会变成水蒸气。由固定搭配change into (变成)可知填change。

5. 常识型

Children’s Day is on ______ 1st.




(1) 名词单复数的相互转化,人称代词单复数的转化。

(2) 名词变为所有格形式。

(3) 人称代词主格与宾格之间的相互转化;物主代词的形容词性与名词性的相互转化;人称代词、物主代词与反身代词三者之间的相互转化。

(4) 基数词与序数词的相互转化。

(5) 形容词和副词的原级、比较级、最高级三级之间的转化。

(6) 谓语动词的不同时态与语态的不同形式,如一般现在时,主语是第三人称单数时,谓语动词后要加s或es。

(7) 非谓语动词的不同形式。如在enjoy, finish及介词后要用动词的ing形式作宾语;在decide, want, would like等后要用to do作宾语;在句型ask / tell / would like / want sb to do sth中所用的to dos sth作宾补;而在句型let / make / have sb do sth中却用的是do sth 作宾补,等等。


1.The elephant is the biggest _____ on land .

2.If you are thirsty , you can have something to ____ .

3.Fifteen and twenty-five is _______.

4.There’re not many differences_______ American English and British English .

5.Four fifteen is another way of saying a ____past four .

6.Teenagers under 18 should not be _____ into Internet bars .

7.Westerners eat with _____ and forks instead of chopstick .

8.It’s too _____ here . Please turn on the light .

9.We’re going on a hike . Why not come and____ us ?

10.Don’t _____ about your son . He’ll be well soon .

11.Animals can’t live ______ air .

12.The earth moves ______ the sun .

13.Beijing is the ______of China .

14.Old people should be spoken to _______ .

15.Words can’t _____ the beauty of the scene .

16.You must ask for _____ if you want to leave early .

17.______ he is fat , he still eats too much .

18.You can get ______ if you aren’t careful with the knives .

19.He has a _____ car because he can’t walk .

20.I thought the baby was _____ , but he was awake .

21.My old friend Brian ______ me to accept a cigarette . It was more than I could bear .

22.In the PE class , we usually have lots of ______.

23.I saw a cion on the ground and I ____it up .

24.What club do you _____ to ?

25._____ is the eleventh month of the year.

26. China is a country _______ a long history.

27. My ____ are reading, singing and dancing.

28.Julie was born in Japan, so she can speak ___ well.

29.In order to keep ___, you should do more exercise.

30.When I heard the funny story about Mark Twin, I couldn’t help _____.

31.Don’t open your books. Please keep them ______.

32.The car costs too much. Don’t you have something _____?

33.September the _____ is Teachers’ Day.

34.Miss Smith put on her new coat and looked at ______ in the mirror.

35.The question is not difficult. You can work it out ______.

36.He is hungry now, for he hurried to school ______ eating breskfast.

37.Mum, the fish is dead and it ______ bad.

38.He wants to be a pilot when he ______ up.

39.–Could you tell the _____ of the word in Chinese? -Sorry. I don’t know, either.

40.There are many book ______ in the school library.

41.Sunday is the ______ day of a week.

42.______ comes before November, but after September.

43.The ______ of Mount Tai is about 1,532 meters.

44.Jim and Tom, the meal is ready. Help ______ to it.

45.The ______ junk food you eat, the more heathy you are.

46.We mustn’t do anything ______ the law.

47.The clock ______ him up on time every morning.

48.I do mind ______ to others with mouth full of food.

49.Guangzhou lies in the ______ of China.

50.French fries in KFC are made of ______.

51.–Which goes ____, a train, a car or a plane? -A plane.

52.Mr.Zhang teaches _____ French, for he has no money to go to school.

53.Please remind me ______ the time and the place of the meeting.

54.The mother was ______ about her sick son.

55. -I’ll help you with your English. -_______ very much.

56.They got ______ 2 years ago and they have a lovely son now.

57.There is plenty of snow this ______.

58.Look at ______ in the mirror. How dirty your face is!

59.If you are ______, there’s some beef in the fridge.

60.______ permission, you can’t touch anything there.

61.Children ______ on their parents for food and clothes.

62.Teenagers enjoy _______ bikes to the countryside themselves.

63.Which is your favorite ______, English or maths?

64.Little Tom got to school ____ than any other student for he got the key to the classroom.

65.Don’t _____ water. Can you see the sign Save Water?

66.There are four ______ in an hour.

67.The 2008 Olympic Games will be ______ in Beijing.

68.The trip by train is much cheaper and far more ______ than by air.

69.Tuesday is the ______ day of a week.

70.The best way to practise oral English is to ____ it as much as possible.

71.It is said that Sudan-1 (苏丹红-1) is bad for people’s_______.

72.Knives are used for _____ meat, apples and so on.

73.March 8th is ______ day.

74.Sea water is too salty for us to ______.

75.China is now getting everything ______ for the coming Olympic Games.

76.Chang’e 1 satellite is now flying ______ the moon.

77.January is the first month of a year and December is the ______ one.

78.Nie Haisheng is one of the three astronaunts in China who have ever _____ to space.

79.–How ______ does a train go?-About 200 kilometers an hour.

80.My uncle works in Shenzhen, which lies in the ______ of China.

81.The lion eats meat, but the cow likes eating ______.

82.We’d better not talk ______ in public places.

83.To our surprise, he escaped ______ the big fire and was not hurt.

84.Sometimes driving a car is not as fast as _____ a bike in the rush hours.

85.______ it was raining, they were still working in the fields.

86.“Take the boy to the ______ quickly. It’s dangerous here.” said the old man.

87.Anyone who visits the museum will get a ________ postcard. They needn’t pay for it.

88.Some students are often ______ care of by their parents.

89.The girl is too shy. She is afraid to introduce _______ to us in class.

90.The two pictures are not the same. There are six ______ between them.

91.China has been a ____ of WTO since 2001.

92.Hainan is in___China. It’s warm in winter.

93.Mrs Chen is very kind. She always ______ us as her children.

94.We can get a lot of ______ easily from the Internet.

95.This desk is ______ of very good wood.

96.The thin air can easily make people feel __.

97.Mark tried his best to solve the problem all by _______.

98.Jimmy ran so ______ that he missed the train.

99.There are ______ letters in the word “rat”.

100.The medicine tastes very terrible, but it is really ______ for the health.

101.Beijing is in the _______ of China.

102.The ______ plastic bags we use, the better the environment will be.

103.Taiwan ______ to China for ever.

104.Look! A big plane is ______ over our heads.

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