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Words and expressions

complaint n. the act of complaining 抱怨;投诉
He didn't like the meal so he made a complaint to the manager of the restaurant.
Iraq n. 伊拉克(西亚国家)
Greenland n. 格陵兰(岛)
upset adj. worried心烦的;苦恼的;担心的
Mother will be upset if we don't let her know where we are.
airline e n. business with aeroplanes that carry people or goods航线;航空公司
When I fly to New York I always use the same airline.
fly n. an insect with two wings苍蝇
Flies buzz. 苍蝇嗡嗡叫。
look into study something carefully调查;研究;观察
He has promised to look into the matter. 他已经答应对这个问题进行调查。
every now and then 不时地
itch n. an uneasy longing or desire for anything 渴望 He has an itch for writing a book. 他渴望着著书立说。
vi. have a feeling on the skin that makes you want to scratch 发痒
She itched all over. 她浑身发痒。
wanderlust n.[u] 流浪癖;旅行癖;旅行热
have wanderlust 有流浪癖
stretch vt. hold out; put out; extend伸展;伸张;展开
He stretched out his arm and took down a book. 他伸出胳膊,取下一本书。
vi. have elastic properties; extend; lie spread out伸展;延伸;延续;连绵
The fields stretched as far as the eye could see. 田野一望无际。
lifestyle X n. 生活方式
downtown adj. 商业地区的;闹区的;市中心的
downtown New York 纽约的商业区
n.[c] 商业区;闹区
princess n. daughter of a king or queen; wife of a prince公主;王妃
get/be tired of become sick of 对…厌烦;对…失去兴趣
I'm tired of hearing it. 这我都听烦了。
cool off become or make cool 变凉;凉却
He had a shower to cool himself off. 他洗了个淋浴,凉快一下。
become or make less excited or interested冷静下来;使兴趣减低
Mary has cooled off about him. 玛丽对他已经冷淡下来了。
avenue n.[c]大街;林荫大道
an avenue of poplars 白杨树的林荫大道
Carnival n. festival; time when many people come together in streets for dancing, singing, etc. 狂欢节;狂欢
Austria n. 奥地利(欧洲国家)
paradise n.[u] heaven 天堂
n.[u] place where you are totally happy 乐园;极乐世界
a paradise for tourists 旅游者的乐园
skier n. person who skis 滑雪者
altitude n. 纬度;高度;海拔
guarantee vt. 保证;确保
This watch is guaranteed for five years. 这只手表保用五年。
This insurance guarantees you against/from loss in case of fire.
I wouldn't guarantee its success. 我不敢保证它会成功。
resort n.[c] place that many people visit for holidays度假的地方;旅游胜地;常去之地
Da Lian is a seaside resort. 大连是海滨休假胜地。
downhill adv. to a lower place 向下;倾斜
A bicycle can go fast downhill. 自行车下坡时可以跑得很快。
adj. having or following a downward slope; descending下山的;下来的 It is all downhill work. 这都是顺坡而下的(或省力的)工作。
gather v. meet; come together in a group 聚集;集合
A lot of people gathered in the street. 很多人聚集在街上。
v. bring people or things together采集;收集
The children are gathering flowers in the wood. 孩子们在树林里采集花朵。
feast n.[c] a splendid meal prepared for some special occasion, a banquet盛宴;宴会
He made a speech at the wedding feast. 他在结婚宴会上演说。
n.[c] something that gives pleasure or joy 赏心乐事
The scene was a feast for the eyes. 令人赏心悦目的情景。
dip vt. put something into liquid. for a short time and then take it out again浸;蘸;泡
He dipped his pen into the ink. 他拿钢笔蘸墨水。
gym n. 体育馆;健身房
analyze vt. 分析
In the laboratory we are required to analyze specimens. 我们必须在实验室分析标本。
chat n.[c] friendly talk (usu. about unimportant thing) 闲谈;聊天 Let's have a chat. 咱们聊聊吧。
v. talk in a friendly way 闲谈;聊天
They chatted with each other. 他们在一起聊天。
budget n. 预算;预算案/额;经费,
rate n. the amount of one thing measured in relation to another 比率;率
What's the rate between dollars and pounds today? 今天美元和英镑间的兑换率是多少?
n. speed速度
The train was going at the rate of 95 kilometres an hour.火车正以每小时95公里的速度前进。
n. a price价格
be sold at a high (low) rate 以高(低)价出售
vi. be classed in a certain rate or grade 被评价;被认为
My daughter rated very high in her class. 我的女儿在班里评价很高。
visa n.[c] 签证
an entry [exit] visa 入境 [出境] 签证
apply for a visa for the United States 申请到美国的签证
arrangement n. something arranged安排
Have you made arrangements to sell your house? 你卖房子的事做好安排了吗?
n. the act of arranging整理;布置
The arrangement of a large library takes a long time. 布置一家大图书馆非常费时间。
n. plans; preparations 计划;准备
I have made arrangements for my journey to England. 我已准备好了到英格兰去旅行。
passport n. important little book with your name, photograph, etc. that shows which country you come from 护照
carry a passport 持有护照
cheque n. special piece of paper that you write on, telling a bank to pay money to someone for you 支票 (=[美]check)
I haven't enough cash--will you take a cheque? 我的现金不够,开张支票给你行吗?
photocopy n. 复印(件) vt. 复印
current n. 货币;通货
Rio de Janeiro n. 里约热内卢(巴西港市)
cariocas s n. 里约热内卢人
Alps n. 阿尔卑斯山脉(欧洲)
Copacabana [ZkRupRkRXbA:nR] n. 科帕卡巴纳(巴西著名海滩)
Kitzbuhel [Xkitsbjul] n. 基茨比厄尔(奥地利城市)

《高二下学期词汇解析Unit15 Destinations》由出国留学编辑精心为您学习英语准备.liuxue86.com

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