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a)动词+ to

adjust to适应, attend to处理;照料, agree to赞同, amount to加起来达…,belong to属于, come to达到, drink to为…干杯,get to到达, happen to发生在某人身上, hold to紧握, lead to通向, listen to听, occur to想起, object to反对, point to指向, respond to回答, refer to参考;指的是…;涉及, reply to回答, see to负责, stick to坚持, turn to求助, write to给某人写信。


announce to通知某人, describe to向某人描述, explain to向某人解释, express to对某人表达, mention to提及, nod to向某人点头, report to报告, say to告知, shout to对某人大叫, suggest to对某人提建议,speak to与某人交谈, talk to跟某人谈话, whisper to和某人低声耳语。

c)动词+sth./sb.+ to +sth./sb.

add to增加, compare to比作, carry to运送至, devote to致力于,introduce to介绍给, invite to邀请参加, join to连接到, leave to委托给,reduce to下降至, sentence to判处, take to带到。

2. be +形容词/过去分词+ to

be alive to觉察;晓得, be attentive to注意;留心, be awake to知晓, be blind to缺乏眼光, be close to紧挨着, be common to对某人来说很普通, be contrary to违反;反对, be devoted to致力, be deaf to不愿意听, equal to有…的力量, be exposed to暴露;遭受, be fair to对…公平, be familiar to对某人来说熟悉, be grateful to对某人心存感激, be good to对…有好处, be harmful to对…有危害, be important to对…重要, be kind to友好对待, be known to周知于, be married to嫁给, be moved to转移到, be near to靠近, be necessary to对…有必要, be opposite to在对面, be opposed to反对, be pleasant to合某人之意, be proper to专属, be polite to礼貌待人, be rude to粗暴对待, be relative to与…有关, be strange to不习惯, be similar to类似, be suitable to适合, be true to忠实, be thankful to感激, be useful to对…有用, be used to习惯。


to a degree在某种程度上, to date到现在为止,to one’s feet跳起来,to one’s mind照…看来, to one’s surprise使…吃惊,to one’s taste符合胃口, to oneself独自享用, to order定做,to the letter不折不扣地, to the point中肯地

二、at的常见用法 at构成的词组比较多,要细心区分。

1.动词+ at

arrive at抵达,call at访问某地, catch at(it)当场抓住, come at攻击, fire at向…开火,glance at瞟一眼, glare at怒目而视, grieve at忧伤,knock at敲,laugh at嘲笑, look at看一眼, pull at拉扯, rejoice at对…高兴,smile at向某人微笑, shoot at朝…射击, stare at怒目而视,thrust at刺向, tear at撕, tremble at颤抖,wonder at吃惊,work at工作。

2. be +形容词/过去分词+ at

be angry at恼怒于, be alarmed at对…保持警觉,be astonished at对…吃惊, be bad at不擅长, be clever at对某事很灵巧,be delighted at高兴,be disgusted at厌恶, be disappointed at对…失望,be good at擅长, be impatient at对…不够耐心, be mad at狂热于,be pleased at对…感到高兴, be present at出席, be satisfied at满意,be surprised at吃惊, be shocked at对…非常震惊,be terrified at受到…的恐吓,be quick at对…很机敏。


at a distance在一定距离,at a loss不知所措, at a time一次,at all一点也不,at any cost不惜一切代价,at best最好也只是,at first起初,at hand手头,at heart在内心里,at home在家;无拘束,at last最后,at least至少,at most最多,at once马上,at present目前。




a)动词+ on要认真区分下面一些词组

act on对…有作用, bring on促使;导致, call on拜访某人,count on依赖, carry on执行,depend on取决, feed on以…为生,figure on料想;推断, go on继续,have on穿着, insist on坚持,keep on继续, lean on依赖, live on以…为生, pull on迅速穿上,put on穿上, switch on接通(电源), take to喜欢;养成;轻易学会,turn on接通(电源), work on操作, wait on侍候。

b)动词+sb.(sth.)+ on +sb.(sth.)

base on以…为基础, congratulate on恭贺, fix on固定, have mercy on怜悯,have pity on怜惜, keep watch on监视, spend on把时间、精力花在某方面。


be dependent on依赖, be hard on对某人苛刻,be impressed on对…印象深刻, be keen on渴望, be strict on对…严格。


on board乘(车,飞机),on call听候召唤, on duty值班, on earth到底, on fire着火, on foot步行,on guard在岗,on hire雇用,on holiday度假



a)动词+ in

believe in信任, break in碎成,bring in引起;产生;带来, call in下令收回, fill in填充,get in收获, hand in上缴, involve in涉及, lie in在于, result in导致, share in共享,succeed in成功, take in卷起;订阅, turn in归还当局。

b)动词+sb./time/money+ in

help sb. in帮助某人做某事, spare time/money in匀出时间或钱做某事,spend time/money in花时间或钱做某事,waste time/money in浪费时间或钱做某事。

2. be +形容词+ in

be active in活跃于,be absorbed in专心致志, be busy in忙碌, be born in出生于,be concerned in牵涉, be clothed in穿着, be disappointed in对…失望,be diligent in勤于, be experienced in在…有经验, be employed in任职于,be engaged in忙碌, be expert in某方面的专家, be excellent in在…优秀,be interested in对…有兴趣, be lacking in缺乏, be rich in富有,be slow in迟缓, be successful in在某方面成功, be skilled in精于,be strict in严于, be weak in弱于。

3. in +名词

in advance提前,in all总共,in balance总而言之,in bed卧床,in body亲自,in brief简明扼要,in case万一, in charge主管,in danger有危险, in debt负债, in despair失望,in force大量地;有效,in full全部地, in flower开花,in general一般说来,in itself本身, in love恋爱, in order井然有序, in person亲自,in public公开地, in progress有进展, in practice从实践上看, in rags穿着破衣,in research探索, in return作为报答,in ruins一片废墟,in short总之,in theory从理论上看, in trouble有麻烦, in tears眼泪汪汪,in time及时, in turn按顺序, in vain白白地,in view看得见。




a)动词+ from

come from来自,date from追溯, depart from违背, die from死于, escape from逃出,fall from自…跌落, hang from垂挂, hear from收到来信,learn from向某人学习, return from自某地返回,rise from自…冒出, result from起因于, suffer from忍受。

b)动词+ sth./sb. +from + sth./ sb. /a place

borrow from向…借, choose from选自, excuse from免除, keep from阻止做,prevent from不准做, protect from不受…之害, receive from收到,remove from移动;除去, save from保全;拯救, separate from分离开来,stop from阻止。

2. be +形容词+ from

be absent from缺席,be different from与众不同, be far from更不用说, be hidden from躲避,be made from用…制成, be tired from因…而疲倦。


from bad to worse每况愈下,from beginning to end自始至终,from cover to cover从头到尾,from China to Peru到处,from day to day一天一天地,from door to door挨家挨户,from end to end从头至尾,from first to last自始至终,from hand to mouth勉强糊家,from head to foot从头到脚,from mouth to mouth广泛流传,from sun to sun从日出到日落,from start to finish从头开始,from top to toe从头到脚,from time to time不时地,from top to bottom彻底地。


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