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Words and expressions

suggestion n. the act of suggesting 建议;意见
My suggestion is (that) we go to the cinema. 我的建议是去看电影。
musical adj. of music 音乐的
He can play nearly every musical instrument. 他几乎会弹奏每一种乐器。
instrument n. tool, thing for doing a special job工具;器械;仪器
A clock is an instrument that tells the time. 钟是报时的仪器。
n. a device for producing musical sounds 乐器
They each play several instruments. 他们每人都演奏好几种乐器。
perform vt. be in a play, film, concert, etc.演出;表演
What play will be performed tonight? 今晚演出什么戏?
vt. do; accomplish; carry out做;完成;实现
He has performed all his duties. 他已履行了他全部的职责。
performer n. a person who performs, esp. to entertain others; a musician, an actor, etc.表演者(尤指娱乐方面)
rhythm n.韵律;节奏
blues n.[u] [又作 a ~; 集合称] 布鲁斯音乐;蓝调
sing (a) blues 唱布鲁斯歌曲
The blues was [were] sung by a famous singer. 这些布鲁斯歌曲是一位著名歌手唱的。
characteristic n. a special quality; a distinguishing mark特征;特点
The characteristic I like best in him is his cheerfulness. 他的愉悦气质是我最喜欢的特点。
slave n. a person who is forced to work for a master without payment奴隶;苦工
A king in ancient times had many slaves to work for him. 古代的国王有很多奴隶给他干活。
jazz n.爵士音乐
contain vt. to have something inside; to hold包含;容纳
Does this box contain biscuits? 这个盒子里有饼干吗?
hip-hop [XhipXhop]希荷普(音乐)
rap n.& v. 说唱
in common 共同的;共有的
rapper n. 说唱艺人
Latin n.[u] the Latin language 拉丁语
adj. of the Latin language拉丁语的
traditional adj. based on or arising from tradition 传统的
spread v. go to other places; take something to other places; extend传播;延伸
The news of victory spread throughout the country. 胜利的消息传遍了全国。
Flies can spread diseases. 苍蝇能够传播疾病。
vt. become wider; open something to make it wider 伸开;展开
The bird spread its wings and flew away. 鸟儿展开翅膀,飞走了。
variety n.[u] change; being different变化;多样性;各种各样
My job is boring; there's no variety. 我的工作使人厌烦--没有变化。
n.[c] sort; kind种类;品种
There are new varieties of wheat. 麦子有许多新品种。
universal adj. applicable or common to all purposes, conditions, or situations
a universal remedy 普遍治疗
adj. worldwide 全世界的
This discovery of literature has as yet only partially penetrated the universal consciousness
folk adj. of, occurring in, or originating among the common people 民间的
folk culture 民间文化
n. people; family, relations 人们;亲属(常用 folks)
Some folks like beer and some don't. 有的人喜欢啤酒,有的不喜欢。
How are all your folks? 你家里的人都好吗?
guitar n.[c] 吉他
play the guitar 弹吉他
record vt. write notes about things that happen记录;记载
It is recorded in ancient books. 此事古书上曾有记载。
vt. to register sound on a record or on tape录音
I recorded the concert so that I can hear it tomorrow. 我把音乐会录下音来,明天好听。
n. exact notes about things that have happened记录;记载
Mr Crossett thus kept a record of all his old students.
n. a thin black plate on which sounds have been registered唱片
I'll bring you some records when I come next time. 下次来时我给你带一些唱片来。
turn 。。。into change …into; become (使)变成;变得
Thus one can turn failure into success. 这样就能转败为胜。
Heat can turn iron into a liquid. 热能够把铁变为液体。
versus prep. (诉讼、竞技等的) …对… (略作 v.,<美>vs. )
Today's televised baseball game is Detroit versus Cleveland.
satisfy vt. give someone what he wants or needs; be good enough to please someone满足;使满意
We must satisfy the people's needs. 我们要满足人民的需要。
inner adj. of the inside, in the centre or middle内部的;内心的
This is my inner room. 这是我的内室。
desire n. strong wish; express a wish; request渴望;心愿;要求
He had no desire to return to his family. 他不想回家。
I will do it at your desire. 我愿照你的要求去做。
vt. to want something very much; request 期望;希望;请求
We all desire happiness and friendship. 我们都希望得到幸福和友谊。
I desire nothing of her. 我对她毫无所求。
emotion n. strong feeling情感;情绪
Love, hate, and fear are emotions. 爱、恨和怕都是情感。
musician n. someone who writes music or plays a musical instrument音乐家
He is a famous musician. 他是一位有名的音乐家。
process: n. how you do or make something; piece of work, step by step过程;程序
He explained the process of building a boat. 他解释了造船的工序。
totally adv. completely 完全地
A totally blind man can see nothing. 完全瞎了的人什么也看不见。
express vt. to show something by words or actions表达
I can't express it properly. 我不能恰当地把它表达出来。
entertain v. make someone laugh or enjoy himself使快乐;使娱乐
Her funny stories entertained us. 她讲的滑稽故事使我们很开心。
v. to give a party, to give food and drinks in one's house or elsewhere招待;款待
They entertained their guests in a restaurant. 他们在饭馆里招待客人。
intelligence n. 智慧;聪明
human intelligence 人的智能 a man of poor intelligence 智力差的人
chant n. a short, simple melody in which a number of syllables or words are sung on
The crowd's chant was 'More Jobs! More Money!人群不断重复呼喊的是'增加就业!提高工资!'
Brasilia [brRXziliR] n. 巴西利亚(巴西的新首都)
Buenos Aires [XbwenRsXaiRriz] n. 布宜诺斯艾利斯(阿根廷首都)
Cairo [XkaiRrRu] n. 开罗(埃及)首都
Paris [XpBris] n. 巴黎(法国首都)

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