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Words and expressions

archaeology n. 考古学
archaeological adj. 考古学的;考古学上的
archaeologist n. 考古学家
curiosity n.[u] wanting to know about things 好奇(心);古玩
My little brother is full of curiosity. 我的小弟弟充满好奇心 。
decoration n. 装饰;装潢
interior decoration 室内装潢
n. 装饰品
Christmas decorations 圣诞节装饰品
artefact n. = artifact 人工制品;赝品
unearth vt. 挖掘;挖出
unearth buried treasure 挖掘深埋的宝藏
vt. 发现;揭发
The lawyer unearthed some new evidence concerning the case.
spear n.[c] long stick with a metal point on the end, for hunting and killing矛;枪;梭镖
The rebels held swords and spears in the hands. 起义者手里拿着刀枪。
pot n. a kind of vessel or dish 罐;壶;锅;盆;瓶
I put the potatoes in a pot and boiled them. 我把土豆放到锅里煮。
emperor n. the head of an empire 皇帝
Have you read the Emperor's New Clothes? 你读过《皇帝的新衣》吗?
pin n. a small nail used to fasten paper or cloth大头针
Please give me a safety pin. 请给我一个安全别针。
v. 别住;针住
There was a note pinned to the door. 门上针了一张便条。
clothing n. coverings for the body(总称)衣服
People wear warm clothing in cold weather. 天冷时人们穿暖和的衣服。
copper n. a red metal; a coin made of copper铜;铜币
This jar is made of copper. 这个坛子是铜制的。
earring n. pretty ring that you wear on your ear 耳环
One of my earrings has fallen off. 我的耳环有一个掉下来了。
distinction n.[c] small difference; what makes one thing different from another
What is the distinction between butterflies and moths? 蝴蝶和蛾子有何区别?
centimeter [XsentimItR] n.公分;厘米
clay n. 粘土;泥土
arrow n. a slender, pointed rod that is shot with a bow矢;箭
He shot an arrow into the air. 他把一支箭射向空中。
dozen n.[c] twelve 十二个;一打
Paul gave Andrea a dozen red roses. 保罗给了安德丽雅十二朵红玫瑰。
cushion n.石/气/坐垫;垫层
weapon n.[c] something that you use for fighting武器
Guns and swords are weapons. 枪炮和刀剑是武器。
pottery n. (总称) 陶器
spare adj. 多余的;空闲的;备用的
more than is necessary; free for other use; kept for future use
We always have a spare wheel in our car. 我们总是在汽车上带一个备用车轮。
tend vi. usually do something; be likely to do or be something倾向;趋向
We sometimes tend to think that the ocean bottom is made up of smooth plains.
tend to have an inclination to 趋向;有…的倾向
Modern camera design tends to simplicity. 现代照相机设计得越来越简单。
approximately adv.大概/约;近乎
The area is approximately 100 square yards. 面积大概有一百平方码。
average adj. mean; middle平均的
The average age of the boys in this class is twelve. 这个班学生的平均年龄为十二岁。
adj. ordinary; usual普通的;平常的
The goods are of average quality. 这些货物质量一般。
lorry n. a motor truck (多用于英国)卡车 pl. lorries
link v. join one thing to another thing 连接;联系
We must link theory with practice. 我们必须理论联系实际。
n. something that holds things or people together 联系;纽带
Letters are a link with friends who live far away. 书信是同住在外地的朋友的一种联系。
monument n. building, statue, or stone to remind people of someone or something纪念馆;纪念像;纪念碑
There is a tall monument in London at the place where the Great Fire of London started.
homeland n. one's native country 祖国;国家
He was forced to leave his homeland for political reasons.
in terms of in relation to; with reference to 根据;按照;就…而言
facilities planned and programmed in terms of their interrelationships
status n. position relative to that of others; standing 地位;身份
Her status is that of a guest. 她是客人身份。
in the eyes of 在……看来;在……心目中
remote located far away; distant in space; hidden away遥远的;偏僻的
a remote hamlet/village 偏远的村落
distant adj. a long way from here, not near 遥远的
The distant star is far distant from the earth. 这颗星距离地球很远。
lend a hand 帮助
ivory n.[u] hard, white bone from the tusks of elephants, which we make into ornaments, etc 象牙
What a fine piece of ivory work! 多么好的一件象牙工艺品啊!
site n. place where something is, was or will be地点;场所;遗址
London is on the site of a Roman fort. 伦敦在一个古罗马堡垒的旧址上。
quantity n. the number of things; the amount of something数量;分量
Without quantity there can be no quality. 没有数量就没有质量。
n. the property of a thing which can be measured 量
We aim at quality rather than quantity. 我们的目的是重质不重量。
serve as be useful for something 作为;当作
This box will serve as a table. 这个箱子可当桌子用。
mask n.[c] cover that you put over the face to hide it 面具;面罩
The thief was wearing a mask. 贼是带着面具的。
dig up find something by breaking the ground 挖出;掘起
The professor dug up a Roman villa near Bristol.
accompany vt. go along with 陪伴;陪同
I accompanied them to the game. 我陪着他们去看球赛。
vast adj. very great in size, number, amount, or quantity 巨大的
The city is vast compared to our village. 和我们村相比,这个城市非常大。
very great in area or extent; immense 广阔的
vast desert/field 广阔的沙漠/田野
square adj. of or being a quantity multiplied by itself 平方的
Asia has an area of about 43 million square kilometres.亚洲的面积约有四千三百万平方公里。
adj. with four sides of the same length and four right angles 正方形的
This room is square--it is 4m×4m(four metres by four metres).
investigation n. 调查;研究
It is under investigation. 那件事正在调查中。
triangle n. a figure having three sides and three angles三角形
a plane triangle 平面三角形

《高二下学期词汇解析Unit20 Archaeology》由留学英语组编辑整理(www.liuxue86.com)

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