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Part Three

Passage A

Four men who would become fathers were in a hospital waiting room while their wives were in labor (分娩). The nurse arrived and proudly said to the first man, "Congratulations, sir. You're the father of twins!"

"What a coincidence (巧合)! I work for the Minnesota Twins Baseball teams!"

Later the nurse returned and congratulated the second father on the birth of his triplets (三胞胎).

"Wow! That's unbelievable! I work for the 3M Company."

An hour later, the nurse returned to congratulate the third man on the birth of his quadruplets (四胞胎). Surprised, he only could answer, "I don't believe it! I work for the Four Seasons Hotel!"

After this, everyone turned to the fourth man who had just fainted (晕). The nurse ran fast to his side. As he slowly came to himself, they could hear him speak in a very low voice over and over, "I should never have taken that job at 7-Eleven. I should never have taken that job at 7-Eleven. I should never have taken that job at 7-Eleven."

1.Why were the fathers there?

A. They were waiting for their wives. B. They were seeing doctors.

C. They were waiting for their babies to be born.

D. They were working at men nurses there.

2.Which of the following is true about the third man?

A. He thought the nurse made a mistake.

B. He was very surprised at the nurse's words.

C. He didn't want to have these babies.

D. He should never have worked at 7-Eleven.

3.Why did the fourth man faint when he heard what the nurse told the third man?

A. Hew was afraid of having so many babies. B. He was seriously ill.

C. He was too excited. D. He was very glad to have 7 babies.

4.At least how many babies would be born according to the story?



Passage B

I was sleeping soundly last night when I was awakened by someone's groans(呻吟).I listened,and heard it was from Sam,a student from Africa. I really wanted to go on sleeping, as I had insomnia(失眠)and had just fallen asleep, but I couldn't because Sam groaned louder and louder,showing he was seriously ill.

At that time,Robbie,a student from China,also got up to help. We found some pills,got some water,and helped him sit up to take them, hoping this would make his pain go down a little and get over the difficult time. If only daytime would come soon, everything would become easier.

Things went contrary相反)to our wishes. Sam's condition developed from bad to worse. We telephoned the emergency service,and in no time an ambulance stopped in front of our gate. We helped the medical(医疗)workers carry Sam to the vehicle,and then both Robbie and I got in and took Sam to the hospital.

We helped him go through many medical examinations. After all kinds of tests,we were told that the final diagnosis(诊断)was appendicitis(盲肠炎).Luckily,Sam didn't need an operation because we brought him to the hospital in time. He got timely treatment.

After Sam felt much better,we rushed back to prepare ourselves for the class. We were a little tired,but we had certainly done something good,something right.

1. Why couldn't the writer go on sleeping that night?

A. Because he was too excited that day.

B. Because his roommates were watching football games on TV.

C. Because one of his roommates was sick and groaning.

D. Because he was sick.

2. What does "vehicle" in the third paragraph refer to?

A. Car. B. Ambulance.

C. Taxi. D. Bus

3. Why didn't Sam need an operation?

A. Because Sam didn't have enough money for an operation.

B. Because Sam was sent to the hospital in time.

C. Because Sam was much afraid of having an operation.

D. This article doesn't tell us the reason.

4. Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Sam,Robbie and the writer lived in the same room.

B. Sam was feeling very well after taking some pills.

C. Robbie and the writer also went to the hospital.

D. Robbie and the writer didn't sleep after they came back from the hospital.


Passage C

From the time we were babies we have been taught manners. We are taught how to hold a knife and fork and not to talk with our mouths full. We are taught how to shake hands and when to stand and when to sit and the way to introduce people.

Sometimes good manners in one place are very bad manners somewhere else. Almost everywhere eating together means that people are very friendly to each other. But in parts of Polynesia(波利尼西亚)it is bad manners to be seen eating beside each other. So they politely turn their backs to each other when they are taking food.

Some East Africans spit four times as a kind of blessing(祝福).They do it to show that

they want a sick person to get well,or to bless a new-born baby. In most other places,spitting means something completely different. It usually shows an unhealthy habit. In many

countries,it may mean that you hate someone.

When we go to visit someone we say"Hello!"Or"How are you?" or things like that.

But if you are visiting an East African village,everyone will be very careful not to pay attention to you, The polite thing there will be for you to go quietly,without speaking to anyone, and sit beside your friend. You should wait until he has finished what he is doing and then he will begin talking to you.

In a village in Arab,a visitor will walk behind all the tents until he gets to the one he wants to visit. If he passes in front,he will be invited into each tent and asked to eat. It is rude to refuse.

1. From this passage we know .

A. it's good manners to use a knife and fork to eat

B. it's bad manners to stand and talk

C. it's good manners not to talk with our mouths full

D. how to shake hands when we introduce people

2. In many places,spitting may mean .

A. you give a new-born baby the blessing

B. you want a sick person to get well

C. you hate someone

D. you show your love to your relatives or friends

3. If you visit an East African village,you .

A. should say"Hello!"or"How are you?"to others

B. should talk to the villagers quietly

C. should be very careful and not to pay any attention to others

D. must wait until your friend has finished his work and then begin to talk to him


Part Four 总结






3.历年的中考真题拿来仔细研究, 研究近几年全国各省市中考英语试题,我们发现"阅读理解"题呈现出这样几个特点:①题材新颖,原汁原味,趣味性强;②贴近生活实际,极具可读性;③反映社会热点,富于时代气息;④题目设计巧妙,匠心独运;⑤考查能力综合化;⑥选材广泛,信息量大。所涉及内容包罗万象,不仅涉及生活百科,自然科学,而且也触及天文地理,异域风情等。



最后我送给大家一个典故,一个天使angel曾经问过上帝这样一个问题,你们要听好:"when did Noah build the Ark? 这句话的中文意思就是:"诺亚什么时候建的方舟?"上帝听了转头微微一笑回答说:"Before the rain." 在雨前建的。这句话蕴涵了很深的道理对不对?你们现在初三,中考对于你们越来越近。我打个比方,大家现在好比站在平原上面快乐地跳舞、快乐地奔跑、快乐地嬉戏。。。。但是你有没有想到在一年之后,有一场暴雨肯定要来临,席卷每个人,所有人都不能幸免。当洪水漫过你的口鼻,抑制住你的呼吸时,你就会想我的方舟在哪里?到那时你只能潸然泪下,带着遗憾变成一具死尸了。所以同学们趁着现在我们还在平原上,阳光还灿烂,让我们拿起笔,作为我们的斧头,砍下属于我们的第一根树枝,从这第一根树枝起构建我们自己的方舟。希望大家在中考时都能拥有自己的方舟。


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