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Words and expressions

beard n. the hair which grows on a man's face (下巴上的)胡须;络腮胡子
Sailors often grow beards. 船员常爱留胡子。
cheetah n. 猎豹;印度豹
sailfish n. 旗鱼
voyager n. 航行者;航海者;航天者;旅客
tight adj. firm so that you can not untie or undo it easily 紧的;牢固的
These shoes are too tight----I need a bigger pair. 这鞋太紧--我需要一双大一点的。
tightrope n.[c] 拉紧的绳索/钢索
a tightrope walker 走绳索 (表演) 者
gorge a deep, narrow passage with steep rocky sides; a ravine 峡谷
the Three Gorges 三峡
edition n.[c] form in which a book is published 版本;版次
The first edition of Robinson Crusoe was printed in 1719.
moustache n.[c] 髭(蓄在上唇之须);小胡子=(美)mustache
have [wear] a mustache [a pair of mustaches] 留着小胡子 [留着八字胡]
Urumqi [uXrumqi] n. 乌鲁木齐(即迪化,中国新疆自治区首府省会)
brewery n. an establishment for the manufacture of malt liquors, such as beer and ale
啤酒厂 pl. breweries
conclude vt. to bring or come to an end 结束
The meeting was concluded yesterday. 会议昨天结束了。
vt. come to an idea after thinking 推断出;断定
We concluded that the animal was dead as it did not move.
hire vt. pay to use something, or to use someone's help 租;雇佣
He hired a car with a driver. 他租了一辆带司机的汽车。
send in send to the proper person or authority; hand in 递送;呈送;提交
Have you sent in your application? 你的申请书送上去了吗?
set down to write down; copy; record in writing or printing 写下;抄下;记下
You had better set your idea down before you forget it.
feat n. an act of skill, endurance, imagination, or strength; an achievement 技艺;本领
feats of horsemanship 马术
a notable act or deed, especially an act of courage; an exploit 功绩
a feat of arms 战功
length n.[u] the distance from one end to the other 长;长度
What is the length of the car? 这辆汽车有多长?
hectare n. a metric unit of area equal to 100 ares (2.471 acres) 公顷 [等于100公亩(2.471英亩)](合十五市亩)
athletic adj. of, relating to, or befitting athletics or athletes 运动(员)的
athletic sports 体育运动
adj. physically strong; muscular体格健壮的
an athletic girl 身强力壮的女孩
fade vi. to lose strength, colour, freshness, etc. 凋谢;褪色
Flowers fade when they come to an end. 花儿开过就凋谢了。
vt. cause to lose colour 使褪色
The sunlight has faded my tie. 阳光晒得我的领带褪了颜色。
in a row 一个接一个地;连续不断地
sit in a row 坐成一排
in the first place adv. 首先;第一
account n. saying or writing about what happened 叙述;描写;报道
He has given me an account of what happened. 他对我讲了事情的经过。
n. a record of money owned or owed in a bank, hotel, etc. 账目;账户
A shop keeper must keep accounts. 店主必须记账。
attempt vt. to try 尝试;试图;努力
They attempted to finish the work within a month. 他们试图在一个月内完成这项工作。
n. the act of trying 企图;试图
He made an attempt to pass the exam, but it was too difficult.他试图通过考试,但考试太难了。
suitable adj. right for a person, happening, place, etc合适的;恰当的
Thick clothes are not suitable for hot weather. 厚衣服不适于热天穿。
apply for ask for 申请; 请求
He applies to the consul for a visa. 他向领事申请签证。
inspect vt. look at something carefully 检查;细看
Ted inspected the car before he bought it. 特德仔细看了那辆车之后才买。
vt. visit people or places to see that work is done well 视察;参观
Several years later, they heard that Napoleon himself was coming to inspect them.
confirm vt. make certain 证实;确认
The statement is confirmed by testimony. 这个说法由证据所证实了。
certificate n. piece of paper with writing that tells something about someone 证书;证明
I received this certificate when I passed the exam. 我考试及格以后领到了这份证书。
gradual adj. happening slowly and step by step; not sudden 逐渐的;逐步的
It didn't happen suddenly; the change was gradual. 这事情不是突然发生的,是逐渐变化的。
blank adj. empty; with no writing on it 空白的
Give me a blank sheet of paper, please. 请给我一张空白的纸。
n. a space left empty or to be filled in 空白处
Fill in the blank with prepositions. 用介词填空。
enthusiastic adj. with enthusiasm 热情的;热心的
The imperialists are enthusiastic about the war. 帝国主义者热衷于战争。
bid n.[c] the amount offered or proposed; an offer or proposal of a price投标;出价
Bids were invited for building the bridge. 为新桥的建造而进行招标。
vi. to make an offer to pay or accept a specified price 投标 (bid; bid)
Several companies will bid for/on the contract. 数家公司要投标争取合约。
decade n.[c] a period of 10 years十年
Prices have risen steadily during the past decade. 过去十年中价格已稳步地上涨。
committee n. small group of people chosen by others to plan and organize委员会
The bill has passed through the committee. 该提案已在委员会通过。
fascinate vt. to attact; to charm 使入迷;吸引
The monkeys in the zoo fascinated me. 动物园里的猴子使我着了迷。
burst vi. to break because of the force inside 炸破;胀破
The bag was so full that it burst open. 袋子那么满,都胀裂了。
vi. explode 爆炸
I had an accident when a tyre burst. 车胎爆了,我出了事故。
burst into begin suddenly or violently 突然开始;爆发出
They were so moved that they burst into tears. 他们都感动得哭了起来。
underline vt. draw a line under a word, sentence, etc.在(词、句子等)下面划线
Underline all the sentences you do not know. 在你不懂的句子下面划一条线。
globe n. anything round like a ball 球状物;地球;地球仪
I'm interested in studying the globe in my spare time. 闲暇时我对研究地球仪很感兴趣。
bush n.[c] plant like a short tree, with many branches灌木
My coat caught in a bush. 我的衣服被矮树丛钩往了。
n.[u] wild country with small trees 灌林地带;荒野
There is much bush in Australia and Africa. 在澳洲和非洲有许多未开发的丛林。
spaceman n. 宇航员;太空人
ramp n. an inclined surface or roadway connecting different levels. 斜面;斜坡
a place where a sharp change in level or direction occurs 弯道
skilful adj. experienced 熟练的;有技巧的;灵巧的
The child has become skillful in reading and writing. 那个小孩变得善于读写。
He is skillful with his fingers. 他的手指灵巧。
skateboard n. long piece of wood or plastic on wheels on which one stands while it runs quickly over the ground 滑板
skateboarder R n. 玩滑板的人
administration n. management, especially of business affairs; the activity of a sovereign state in the exercise of its powers or duties 经营;管理;行政
permission n.[u] allowing someone to do something允许;许可;同意
May I have permission to leave early? 可以让我早点走吗?
schoolmate n. a companion or an associate in one's school 同学;校友
They are my schoolmates. 他们是我的同学。
grandparent n. a parent of one's mother or father; a grandmother or grandfather (外)祖父(母)
recently adv. lately; not long ago 最近地;近来地
This book was published recently. 这本书是最近出版的。
familiar adj. usual, that you often see, hear, etc. 熟悉的;常见的
I am familiar with this idea. 我晓得这个意见。
The singer is familiar to every one of us. 这位歌唱家是我们大家熟悉的。
capture v. catch and hold someone or something 捕获;占领
Our army captured 1,000 of the enemy. 我军俘虏敌军一千人。
to attract and hold 吸引
tales of adventure that capture the imagination 引起想象的探险故事
centre on/upon 将某人/谋事当作中心/重点
factor n. any of the things that cause or bring about a certain result因素;要素
Time is an important factor to consider in cooking. 烹调过程中掌握时间是很重要的。
concentrate vt. bring together into one place 集中
We concentrated our forces against the enemy's position. 我们集中兵力攻击敌人的阵地。
vi. meet in a common centre 集中
He's tired and can't concentrate. 他累了,注意力不能集中。
concentrate on fix one's efforts and attention on把…集中在…上;全神贯注于
We are concentrating our efforts on socialist construction. 我们正集中力量建设社会主义。
helmet n. a head covering of hard material to protect the head头盔;钢盔;防护帽
The man on the motorcycle wore a helmet. 骑摩托车的人戴了一顶头盔。
teenage adj. of, relating to, or applicable to those aged 13 through 19 十几岁的;
a teenage girl 一个十几岁的女孩
truly adv. really; sincerely; genuinely 真正地;真诚地;真心地
Are you truly happy in your work? 你真的对你的工作满意吗?
We are truly sorry for the inconvenience. 我们真心为不便感到抱歉
delight vt. make someone very pleased, happy, etc.给人快乐;使欣喜
Her dancing delighted everyone. 她的舞蹈使人人高兴。
n.[u] great pleasure or happiness 快乐;欣喜
She read the book with delight. 她读了这本书感到非常满意。
delighted adj. very pleased; happy高兴的;快乐的
I am delighted to see you. 见到你很高兴。
energetic adj. 精力旺盛/充沛的;充满活力的
an energetic person 精力充沛的人
an energetic performance 充满活力的演出
cautious adj. careful 小心的;谨慎的
The students should be cautious not to make any mistakes in spelling.
outgoing adj. eager to mix socially with others; friendly好交际的;外向的
an outgoing personality 开朗的性格
register v. to enroll officially or formally, especially in order to vote or attend classes; to set down in writing; record 登记;注册;记录
He registered the birth of his child. 他登记了孩子的出生日。
skim v. to read or glance through (a book, for example) quickly or superficially浏览;略读
The book is worth skimming through. 这本书值得浏览一下。
the Tour de France 环法自行车赛

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