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1.It remains_____whetherthis teaching method will be better than that one.

A. to see B. to be seen C. seeing D. seen

2.Helen had to shout____above the sound of music.

A .making herself hear B. to make herself hear

C. making herself heard D. to make herself heard

3._______in the queue for half an hour, the old man suddenly realized he had left the cheque in the car.

A Waiting B. to wait

C. having waited D. to have waited

4. The children went home from the grammar school, theirlessons ____ for the day.

A. finishing B. finished C. had finished D. went finished.

5.LeonardodaVinci_____ birds kept in cages in order to have the pleasure of setting them free.

A. is said to be buying B. is said to have bought

C. had said to buy D. has said to be bought

6. ________ in 1963, and ________ in Philadelphia, Charles Pettigrew so impressed his teachers that he was sent to Barklee School to study Jazz.

A. Born; raised B. Being born; having raised

C. Was born; was raised D. Born; raising

7. —Who would you like to see at the moment?

—The man ________ Mr. Grant.

A. called himself B. we call him C. calling himself D. is called

8. ________ in an atmosphere of simple life was what her parents wished for.

A. The girl was educated B. The girl educated

C. The girl's being educated D. The girl to be educated

9. We should put away all medicines out of reach of children and make sure they are not left ________.

A. lie round B. laying around C. lain round D. lying around

10. There are many old trees in our school, each ________ about 100 years ago.

A. dates back to B. dating from C. dated back D. which dated to

11. The professor ________ you at the party was my tutor (导师).

A. making himself knowing B. making him known for

C. making himself known to D. makes he known to

12. ________ blood if you can and many lives ________ be saved.

A. To give, may B. Give, will C. Giving, can D. Given, must

13. The girl in the snapshot was smiling sweetly, her long hair___________.

A. flowed in the breeze B. was flowing in the breeze

C. were flowing in the breeze D. flowing in the breeze

14. _____around Tian'anmen Square, the tourists were taken to visit the Palace Museum.

A. Showing B. Having shown C. Being shown D. Having been shown

15. If a solution ________ the rivers against pollution is found, then our living surroundings will be improved.

A. to protect B. protecting C. to protecting D. protect

16. ________ untidy, his bedroom needs doing out.

A. Look B. Looking C. Looked D. To look

17. He could feel the earth ________ at that time and his hands ________ cold.

A. to move, was felt B. moved, was feeling C. moving, felt D. was moved, was felt

18. What would you rather ________, the door or the roof of the house?

A. get repaired B. to get repaired C. to have repaired D. make repair

19. ________ like a great idea, what he said was accepted by all present immediately.

A. Sounded B. Sounds C. To sound D. Sounding

20. ________ their inexperience, they've done a good job.

A. Giving B. To give C. Give D. Given

21. —What's the population of your city?

—About four million people. It seems small ________ to Beijing.

A. compared B. to compare C. comparing D. being compared

22. Not having finished their jobs, ________ to leave the company.

A. the boss forbade them B. they were forbidden

C. so they were forbidden D. and they preferred

23. With many important affairs considered ________, the manager decided to hold a meeting to discuss about them.

A. to solve B. being solved C. solving D. solved

24. —Would you please join us in this computer game?

—Thank you, but I'd rather ________.

A. not to B. not join C. not do D. not

25. ________ to give up smoking, he threw away his ________ cigarettes.

A. Determined; remained B. Determined; remaining

C. Determining; remained D. Determining; remaining

26. ________ in a heavy traffic jam in a taxi while you are hurrying to the airport is quite an unpleasant experience.

A. Having caught B. Being caught C. Caught D. Having been caught

27. The young man we followed stopped and looked as if ________ whether he was going in the right direction.

A. seeing B. to have seen C. having seen D. to see

28. Thank you for the great trouble you've had ________ me with my computer work.

A. helping B. to help C. with helping D. for helping

29. The houses ________ by the first company will be completed by the end of this year.

A. being built B. built C. to be building D. to build

30. ________ by what everyone says about him, he has a good chance of winning.

A. Judged B. To Judge C. Having Judged D. Judging


1. Bit 作形式主语,remain 后跟to do sth. 作表语。See与主语从句是动宾关系,所以用to be seen。

2. D herself与hear之间构成动宾关系,所以用过去分词昨make 的宾语补足语,用不定式表示目的状语。

3. C这是现在分词作状语表时间,可以排除BD 选项。A项waiting是现在分词的一般式,所表示的动作往往和主句谓语动词的动作同时发生。C项having waited 所表示的动作往往已经发生或先于主句谓语动词发生

4. B那天的课程一结束,孩子们纷纷从那所语法学校回到家里。逗号不能链接2个句子.当2个句子表示并列时需要并列连词,所以排除CD。由于没有连词课判断逗号后是独立主格结构。Lessons与动词finish之间是动宾关系,故排除A。

5. B据说达芬奇常买一些被关在笼子里的鸟去享受放飞他们的乐趣。根据句意课排除CD两项,在AB两项的选择中课考虑buy发生在said之前。因此应用sb.is said to have done结构,而 sb,is said to be doing表示据说某人正在做某事,故排除A项。

6. A Charles Pettigrew“被生下来和被抚养”。

7. C The man与call是主动关系,用现在分词作定语“自称Mr. Grant的那个人”。

8. C动名词的复合结构作主语。

9. D由句意判断用表示“位于”的不及物动词lie,用现在分词作主补。

10. B date from是不及物的,用现在分词,each dating from…相当于and each (tree) dates from…

11. C因The professor与make是主动关系,用现在分词;使自己被别人了解,know用过去分词。make oneself k nown to sb. =introduce oneself to sb.

12. B这是“祈使句+and+陈述句”句型。

13. D her long hair与flowing是主动关系,这是“独立主格结构”作状语。

14. D the tourists与show是被动关系,show发生在谓语之前,用完成式。

15. C sullution / way to的to是介词,后接动名词。

16. B look是系动词,属不及物动词,用现在分词用状语,Looking untidy,… = As his bedroom looks untidy,…

17. C第一空是feel sb. / sth. doing (感觉到…在做…);第二空后是cold,可知feel是系动词,没有被动语态,与前面的felt并列,也用一般过去式。

18. A would rather直接接动词原形;get sth. done=have sth. done请人做。

19. D Sounding like…=As what he said sounded like…

20 D Given用作介词,意为“考虑到”。

21. A表示“与…比起来”用compared with,这是固定搭配。

22. B Not having finished their jobs的逻辑主语应当为they,意义才通。

23. A “有难题要解决”用不定式作定语;其中considered也是作定语的。

24. D不定式的省略,I'd rather not=I'd rather not join you…

25. B Determined to give up smoking=As he was determined to give up smoking; remain是不及物动词,只能用现在分词作定语,表示“剩下的”。

26. B动名词短语作主语,主句谓语是is quite an unpleasant experience。

27. D发生在谓语之后,用不定式:as if to see…=as if he was to see…

28. A 因have trouble (in) doing sth. 是固定句型。

29. A由will可知,这些房子正在被建,用being built作定语。

30. D因为judging from是固定的独立结构


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