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Words and expressions

disability n.[u] lack of ability; being disabled 无能;伤残;残疾
His disability prevents him from holding a job 他的无能使他不能胜任工作。
ability n.[u] power to do something; cleverness 能力;本领
I do not doubt your ability to do the work. 我不怀疑你有担任这项工作的能力。
n.[u] (pl. abilities) what one can do 才能;技能 He is a man of many abilities. 他是一个有多方面才能的人。
obstacle n.[c] sth.in the way that stops progress or makes it difficult障碍;妨碍物
We had to overcome all kinds of obstacles and difficulties. 我们不得不克服种种障碍和困难。
sidewalk n. a paved walkway along the side of a street(美)人行道(=[英]pavement)
a sidewalk fruit stand; 街旁的一水果摊
elevator n. lift(美)电梯;升降机
escalator n.[c] 自动梯;电动扶梯
take an escalator 乘自动梯
waist n. the middle of the body 腰;腰部
The water is up to my waist. 水深及我腰部。
get around/about go or travel from place to place; go about四处走动;活动
The old man doesn't get about much these days. 老人近来不怎么走动了。
fair n. special market 商品博览会;商品交易会
We saw new kinds of farm machines at the agricultural fair.
n. a market, esp. one held at a particular place at regular periods for selling farm produce 集市;定期市场
They are going to the fair. 他们正在到集市上去。
adj. honest, treating people in the right way公正的;公平的
Did you receive fair treatment? 你受到公正的待遇吗?
potential the inherent ability or capacity for growth, development, or coming into being 潜力;潜能
war potential 战力
capable of being but not yet in existence; latent可能的;潜在的;有潜力的
Every seed is a potential plant. 每粒种子都可能长成植物。
guidance n.[u] 引导;指引
under a person's guidance 在某人的引导下
gifted adj. 有天赋/资的;有才华的
a gifted pianist 有天才的钢琴家 a gifted child 天才儿童;智能高的儿童
assist v. help someone 帮助;援助
He assists me with money. 他援助我以金钱。
cooperate vi. to work together 合作;协作
I can't do it alone. Let's cooperate. 我一个人做不了,咱们合作吧。
recognition n. the act of recognizing承认;公认;接受
Einstein gained international recognition in his theory of relativity.
sympathy n. the sharing of another person's sorrow; the kind feeling that one person has for another 同情;同情心
We all had sympathy for him. 我们大家都同情他。
encouragement n. an act of encouraging鼓励;激励
He owed his success to his wife's encouragement 他把他的成功归功于他妻子的鼓励。
productive adj. producing abundantly; fertile 多产的
a very productive writer 多产作家
producing or capable of producing 能生产的;生产的
a productive effort 生产力
Huhhot [XhChCt] n. 呼和浩特
visual adj. of or relating to the sense of sight 视力的;视觉的
the visual arts 视觉艺术 the visual organs 视觉器官
motivate vt. to provide with an incentive; move to action 使有动机
Her suicide was motivated by desperation. 她自杀的诱因是自暴自弃。
vt. impel 激发;引起
What motivated you to do such a thing? 引起你做这样的事的动机是什么 ?
adjust to change so as to match or fit; cause to correspond调节;调整
adjust my watch 校准我的表
vt. to adapt or conform, as to new conditions (使)适应
You must adjust yourself to new conditions. 你必须使自己适应新的环境。
get used to 习惯于……
candy n.[u/c] (=(英) sweets)pieces of sugar in different shapes(美)糖果
There are two pieces of candy on the plate. 盘里有两颗糖。
niece n. daughter of your brother or sister 侄女;外甥女
ceremony n.[c] special programme at an important happening典礼;仪式
The school leaving ceremony is at 3:00. 毕业典礼于三点举行。
victory n. winning a game, fight, war, etc. 胜利;战胜
We are marching from victory to victory. 我们从胜利走向胜利。
dignity n.[u] calm and serious manner or style尊严;威严
If you're afraid of losing your dignity, you can't expect to learn to speak a foreign language.
shameful adj. very bad可耻的;丢脸的
What a shameful conduct! 多么可耻的行为!
participate v. work or play with other people in a particular happening参加;参与
How many people participated in the opening ceremony? 多少人参加了开幕典礼?
participant n. one that participates, shares, or takes part in something. 参加者;参与者
an active participant in social work 积极参加社会活动的人
self-confidence Z n. 自信
Olympian n.[c] a contestant in the Olympic games. 奥林匹克运动会选手
adj. of or relating to the region of Olympia in Greece or its inhabitants 奥林匹亚的
facility (pl) something that facilitates an action or process设施;设备
There are facilities for cooking in the kitchen. 厨房里有烹饪设备。
conduct vt. lead or guide 引导;带领
When our parents came to visit our school, Mary conducted them into the classrooms.
vt. manage; direct; carry on 经营;管理;指挥
Who conducts this orchestra? 谁指挥这个乐队?
n.[u] 行为;操作
Many pupils in this class got prizes for good conduct.
survey n. 调查
According to a recent survey, in Shanghai alone there are more than 2.5 million migrant workers. 根据最近的一项调查,单上海就有250多万外来民工。
s vt. to make a survey 调查;勘察
We had the house surveyed before buying it. 在买那栋房子以前我们请人勘察过。
accessible easily approached or entered 易接近的;易进入的
An open minded person is accessible to reasons. 虚心的人易于服理。

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