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12006年福建省南平市时间________ 正确率________

I have a very useful dictionary. It has a lot of words. It gives many meanings for 46word. But I always read the first meaning of a word in the dictionary. I never read the other meanings, because I wanted to read my book 47. This morning, 48 I was reading a book, I met a strange sentence. It looked 49 first. The sentence had six words:" Draw a picture of your house" I know five words in this sentence, but I didn't understand one word. I 50"draw". I opened my dictionary and 51the first meaning of "draw". It was" pull". I said to myself" Now I know all the words, and I think I can understand the sentence. "So I wrote the meaning of the sentence" Pull a picture of your house. "I read it, and" What is the meaning of it.'? I don't understand it."

My friend Dick read my new sentence. He laughed. He picked 52 my dictionary, and said to me,"Look, Jack. The second meaning of' draw' is' make a picture 53 a pen, a pencil 54 brush'. So the sentence means: Make a picture of your house." I understood ! I thought Dick was wonderful. And 55 I knew how to use my dictionary.

46. A. someB. anotherC. eachD. the other

47. A. quicklyB. quickC. slowD. slowly

48. A. howB. whoC. whatD. when

49. A. difficultB. hardlyC. easyD. easily

50. A. don't knowB. didn't knowC. knewD. know

51. A. looked forB. discoveredC. foundD. invented

52. A. byB. outC. upD. with

53. A. useB. withC. onD. by

54. A. or aB. and aC. andD. or

55. A. at lastB. at the beginningC. at the endD. at first

22006年深圳市时间________ 正确率________

One day when I was drinking at bar, I saw a man watching a woman very carefully. The woman was very beautiful but she looked very 41 . Suddenly I found the man 42 and walked towards 43 . He pretended to look for 44 on the ground by her feet. It wasn’t long before the woman noticed him and asked 45 he had lost anything. Yes.answered the man, looking very 46 ,I’m looking for a smile that is lost. 47 the woman understood what he 48 and soon there was a smile on her 49 , and it grew bigger. Then the man told her that was just the 50 he was looking for!

After seeing all this, I thought the world will become much nicer if everyone is ready to give his love to others like him.

41. A. sadB. happyC. tallD. thin

42. A. looked upB. put upC. stood upD. woke up

43. A. himB. herC. meD. you

44. A. anythingB. nothingC. somethingD. everything

45. A. thatB. whenC. ifD. where

46. A. pleasedB. sadC. gladD. serious

47. A. CarefullyB. SlowlyC. AngrilyD. Luckily

48. A. meantB. talkedC. spokeD. told

49. A. eyesB. headC. faceD. body

50. A. smileB. thingC. onesD. woman

32006年福建省南平市A时间________ 正确率________

If you go into the forests with friends, stay with them. If you don't ,you may get lost. If you do get lost, this is what you should do.

Sit down and stay where you are. Don't try to find your friends. Let them find you. You can help them to find you by staying in one place.

There is another way to help your friends or other people to find you. Give them a signal by shouting or whistling three times. Stop. Then shout or whistle three times again. Any signal given three times is a call for help.

Keep on shouting or whistling, always three times together. When people hear you, they will give two shouts or two whistles. When a signal is given twice, it is an answer to a call for help. If you don't think that you will get help before night comes, try to make a small room with branches.

What should you do if you get hungry or need to drink water? You would have to leave your little branch room to look for something to eat and drink. Don't just walk away. Drop small branches as you walk so that you can find your way back.

The most important thing to do when you are lost -- stay in one place.


56. If you get lost in the forests, you should walk everywhere to find your friends as soon as


57. You can keep on shouting or whistling always three times together for help.

58. When you hear two shouts or whistles, you know that people will come to help you.

59. You can't go anywhere even when you feel thirsty or hungry.

60. You can find your way back to your branch room easily without leaving any branches as

you walk.

42006年福建省南平市B时间________ 正确率________

Even a child knows that nodding the head means" Yes". But some people will probably be puzzled when they first come to India. When they talk to an Indian, he often shakes his head. They might think that the Indian does not like what he said, but on the contrary, he is expressing agreement.

The Indians have a habit of shaking their heads slightly when they talk to somebody. It doesn't mean" No", but" Yes".

If a person doesn't know this, it might cause misunderstanding.

At one time a foreigner in India told his driver who was an Indian to take him to his office. The driver shook his head. The foreigner said his request again and the driver still shook his head. At last, the foreigner shouted angrily, “Drive me to my office at once!” The driver said in a low voice," Yes, sir, "smiling and shaking his head again at the same time.

61. In general, nodding the head means_____and shaking the head means_____

A. Yes"..." No"B. "No"..." Yes"C. "Yes"..." Yes"D. "No"..." No"

62. According to the habit of India, if someone agrees with you, he will ______

A. nod his headB. shake his head

C. neither nod his head nor shake his head D. both nod his head and shake his head

63. Why did the Indian driver shake his head when the foreigner asked him to drive him to his

office? Because_________.

A. the Indian driver had something important to do

B. the foreigner agreed to give him only a little money

C. the driver felt uncomfortable at that time

D. in India shaking the head means agreement

64. The foreigner became angry because_______.

A. the Indian driver didn't want to send him to his office

B. he misunderstood the meaning of shaking the head in India

C. he asked the driver to send him to his office,but the driver didn't say any words

D. the Indian driver asked him for a lot of money

65. The phrase" on the contrary" means_____.

A. 正相反B. 总之C. 与之相同D. 在另一方面


52006浙江省杭州市时间________ 正确率________

When I was three years old just before my sister was born, my mom asked me what we should name the new baby. I said, “Let’s call 26Gravy(肉汁)!”

You know, we pour gravy over meat and it tastes good! My parents found my 27interesting, but named the new baby Caroline, instead.

Having a sister 28my life. When my sister and I played together, we 29got into fights and got angry with each other if we did 30wrong. It sometimes drove our parents crazy. 31at the same time, we learned to share our things and to forgive(原谅)each other when we got 32.

In North America, there are many kinds of families, and 33families have a boy and a girl. Of course, some have three or more. In China, most children34have brothers or sisters, and they have to learn those things in other ways, which is more 35.

When I 36away to university, my sister 37me she wished I still lived at38. She wasn’t used to getting all the attention from my parents. But Chinese children get all the attention for all their life!

Some middle school 39in China wish they had a brother or sister. If you are one of them, I 40a good idea for you. Treat your friends and classmates as your brothers and sisters!

26. A. her B. him C. me D. them

27. A. news B. ideaC. lesson D. story

28. A. began B. saw C. changed D. enjoyed

29. A. never B. again C. seldom D. often

30. A. something B. everythingC. anything D. nothing

31. A. But B. So C. OrD. Through

32. A. angry B. excited C. hungry D. worried

33. A. few B. several C. all D. most

34. A. shouldn’t B. don’tC. needn’t D. wouldn’t

35. A. beautiful B. difficult C. careful D. friendly

36. A. took B. put C. movedD. came

37. A. asked B. answeredC. told D. warned

38. A. home B. workC. schoolD. family

39. A. students B. teachersC. workersD. lovers

40. A. giveB. haveC. learn D. make

62006年安徽省课程改革实验区A时间________ 正确率________

When we were having an English test this morning, I felt somebody was watching me a little too closely. I turned my 36quickly and saw Jack, who sat right behind me. My eyes caught 37and he said very quietly,“I hope you studied for this38 !”

“What am I going to do?”I thought to myself. I39cheating作弊in exams. Besides, I’d studied40for the test. Clearly Jack hadn’t. During the exam, I tried several ways to guard my answers so that Jack wouldn’t be able to see them. When the exam41, I felt I should let him know cheating was42. And I didn’t want to destroy破坏our friendship. My mind43the right words.

“Sorry, Jack,44you know how I feel about cheating.” I said slowly and gently. “Maybe I could help you45before the next test.” “Ok, Bob,” he smiled weakly, “It might not be easy, but I’ll have a try.”






41.A.endedB.beganC.went onD.took place


43.A.agreed withB.searched forC.took upD.looked at



72006年福建省南平市C时间________ 正确率________


This course is for those who want to learn to type ,as well as those who want to improve their typing. The course is not common. You are tested in the first class and begin practising at one of eight different skill levels. This allows you to learn at your own speed. Each program lasts 20 hours. Bring your own paper.

Course fee: $125Materials: $25

Two hours each evening for two weeks. New classes begin every two weeks.

This course is taught by a number of professional business education teachers who have successfully taught typing courses before.


This twelve - hour course is for people who do not know very much about computers, but who need to learn about them. You will learn what computers are, what they can and can't do and how to use them.

Course fee: $75Jan. 4,7,11,14,18Wed.& Sat. 9:00-11:30a. m. Equipment fee: $10

David is a professor of Computer Science at Beijing University. He has over twenty years of experience in the computer field.


Do you want to stop smoking? Have you already tried to stop and failed? Now is the time to stop smoking using the latest methods . You can stop smoking, and this twelve -hour course will help you do it.

Course fee: $30Jan. 2,9,16,23Mon. 2:00-5:00p. m.

Dr John is a practising psychologist who has helped hundreds of people stop smoking.

66. If you choose the UNDERSTANDING COMPUTERS course, you will have classes_____.

A. from Monday to SundayB. from Monday to Friday

C. on Wednesday and SaturdayD. on Saturday and Sunday

67. The STOP SMOKING course will last_____.

A. for half a day B. for three hours

C. for a weekD. for four weeks

68. Mr. Black works every morning and evening, but he wants to take part in one of

the three courses. Your suggestion is_____.


C. STOP SMOKINGD. all the courses

69. If you want to learn about computers and at the same time you want to improve your

typing, you will pay_____.

A. $75B. $150 C. $115D. $235

70. The special difference between the TYPING course and the other two is_____.

A. people with different skill levels may learn at different speed

B. you will take a test after the course

C. you will pay the fee before practising

D. you will pay less money

82006年深圳市A时间________ 正确率________

In most parts of the world, many students help their schools make less pollution. They join“environment club”. In an environment club, people work together to make our environment clean.

Here are some things students often do.

No-garbage(无垃圾)lunches. How much do you throw away after lunch? Environment clubs ask students to bring their lunches in bags that can be used again. Every week they will select the class that makes the least garbage and commend(表扬)it to the whole school!

No-car day. On a no-car day, nobody comes to school in a carneither the students nor the teachers! Cars give pollution to our air, so remember:

Walk, jump, bike or run.

Use your legs! It’s lots of fun!

Turn off the water! Do you know that toilets can waste twenty to forty tons of water an hour? In a year, that would fill a small river! In environment clubs, students mend those broken toilets.

We love our environment. Let’s work together to make it clean.

51. Environment clubs ask students ______________.

A. to run to school every dayB. to take exercise every day

C. not to forget to take carsD. not to throw away lunch bags

52. From the passage we know the students usually have lunch ___________.

A. at schoolB. in shopsC. in clubsD. at home

53. On a no-car day, ________________ will take a car to school.

A. both students and teachersB. only students

C. neither students nor teachersD. only teachers

54. After students mend toilets, they save _____________.

A. a small riverB. a clubC. a lot of waterD. a toilet

55. The writer wrote the passage to ask students to __________.

A. clean schoolB. make less pollutionC. join clubs D. help teachers


92006年安徽省课程改革实验区B时间________ 正确率________

Many people like to keep dogs as their pets. But do you know dogs were wild野生的animals long, long ago?

The46wild dogs were trained by47in Europe about 10,000 years ago. These first “dogs” were not like48we have now. They may have been small wolves. These dogs often came near humans to49some food. Some of the young dogs were adopted收养by people and grew up with them.

Humans believed the50 were a help to them in many ways. The dogs helped them to hunt狩猎. They could smell and hear danger51people could. They helped keep people52on cold nights. So is was53to raise the dogs.

Now, there are many different kinds of dogs54they may look quite different from each other. Dog trainers think there are more that 400 different kinds in the world. The number keeps increasing with new kinds.

Since those early days, humans and dogs have always been together. We should55them from now on because they are really our friends.






51.A.whenB.afterC.beforeD.as soon as





102006湖北省武汉市时间________ 正确率________

Jose had just seen his friend, Mike. Several hours ago his friend was51by a speeding truck and hurt badly. He wept(流泪)silently as he thought about his52friend. Nothing else seemed to53now. He was so sad that he54do his school papers. At home, he looked at the TV screen but nothing seemed to be55. Jose knew that Mike would get better, but he worried about the 56. Would it happen again?

Mike was a big dog, and Jose knew that he should probably57in the country where there were fields and woods. There he could run and play safely away from the city58. Jose also knew that if he gave Mike to a farmer, he would never, if ever, get to see him59. It was very60for him to decide. Jose had61Mike from the time he was born. He knew what Mike62, and he took care of him. He wasn’t sure that a new63would take care of Mike in the same way.

Jose didn’t know64he could protect Mike if he stayed in town. Dogs like Mike who want to65often have a way of getting away when you don’t watch them carefully.




54Amustn’tBshouldn’tCmight notDcouldn’t












112006年深圳市B时间________ 正确率________

Depend on yourselfis what nature says to every man. Parents can help you. Teachers can help you. Others still can help you. But all these only help you to help yourself.

There have been many great men in history. But many of them were very poor in childhood, and had no uncles, aunts or friends to help them. They couldn’t depend on them for an education. They saw how it was, and began to work with their own efforts to know something. They worked their own way up to fame.

One of the most famous teachers in England used to tell his pupils, I can’t make worthy(值得尊敬的)men of you, but I can help you make men of yourselves.

Some young men have the best of everything, but they are to be pitied. They can never do things successfully if they don’t see their weak point and change their course. They are nobody now, and will be nobody as long as(只要)they don’t follow the advice of their parents and teachers, and depend on their own efforts.

56. Depend on yourselfin this passage means _______________.

A. rely on your own effortsB. rely on nature

C. wait for others to helpD. count on your parents

57. Many of the great men in history succeeded because _____________.

A. they were very poor in childhood

B. they could not depend on schools for an education

C. they made great efforts to learn and work

D. they wanted very much to become famous

58. According to the famous teacher in England, a teacher can ___________.

A. make his pupils worthy men

B. help his pupils find a way to fame

C. help his pupils make themselves useful men

D. make his pupils men of strength and courage

59. If young people depend on their own efforts, ____________.

A. they are to be pitied

B. they can be ambitions

C. they are nobody now and will be nobody in the future

D. they can be successful in their work

60. How can young men be successful?

A. They should see their weak point and change their course.

B. They should follow the advice of their parents and teachers.

C. They should depend on their own efforts.

D. All above.

122006年深圳市C时间________ 正确率________

A stamp is just a piece of paper with a picture and some words printed on one side and some glue on the other side. What makes one of these bits of paper worth any money at all? What makes a ten-fen stamp worth ten fen?

When you buy a stamp, you also buy service from the post office. You get the letter sent by post. After the stamp has done its job, the post office says it is worthless. You must buy a new one for each letter you send.

But people often pay money for stamps that have already been used. Stamp collectors, or philatelists(集邮家), have fun just trying to collect as many different kinds as possible. Certain kinds are hard to find. To get one of these uncommon stamps, some collectors are willing to pay a great deal of money. They think it is worth while and that gives it value. If you collect stamps because they are especially beautiful or tell an interesting story, or show all kinds of animals, then those are the ones that have value to you.

61. When you are going to post a letter, you must buy ___________.

A. a ten-fen stampB. a new stamp

C. a collected stampD. a valuable stamp

62. The post office says a stamp is useless if ____________.

A. it is collectedB. you get a letter sent by post

C. it is oldD. it has a postmark on it

63. When some of the stamps are difficult to find, ___________.

A. nobody will try to get themB. they can become of great value

C. everybody would like to buy themD. they will be worthless

64. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. The stamp has a picture and some words on it.

B. Many used stamps are worth a lot of money.

C. Stamp collectors try to get different kinds of stamps whether they are used or not.

D. A used stamp can be used again to post a letter.

65. Which of the following is true?

A. A new twenty-fen stamp is not worth twenty fen.

B. One can have a letter sent by a used stamp.

C. Sometimes people are willing to pay much money for a stamp.

D. A post office worker does not want to buy any used stamps.


132006北京市海淀区时间________ 正确率________

Dear grandma,

How’s it going? I hope that grandpa is well now. I was sorry to hear that he had a 36last week. I hope you are in 37health.

Things are fine here. I finished my end-of-year 38last week, and got my report card today. I always 39nervous when I see the envelope 40school in the mail, but luckily I did OK this time. I 41a really hard time with science this semester, and I wasn’t surprised to find that my 42report was from my science teacher. She said I was lazy, which isn’t true. It’s just that I find 43really difficult. Another disappointing result was in history. My history teacher said I could do better. The good news is that 44math teacher said I was hard-working. And my Spanish teacher said my listening was good. Well, that’s all the news I have for now. Mom and Dad 45their love.



36. A. coldB. lessonC. picnicD. party

37. A. pityB. poorC. badD. good

38. A. exerciseB. homeworkC. examsD. questions

39. A. getB. doC. takeD. let

40. A. onB. fromC. aboutD. in

41. A. madeB. hadC. putD. kept

42. A. longestB. easiestC. bestD. worst

43. A. ChineseB. scienceC. P.E.D. English

44. A. hisB. yourC. myD. her

45. A. sendB. bringC. startD. tell

142006福建省福州市罗源县、平潭县时间________ 正确率________

J.K.Rowling is the writer of Harry Potter, which is now one of the best-sellers in the world. She 46 born in Bristol on July 31st, 1965. She has one sister who is two years 47 than her. Both girls loved 48 to their father read bedtime stories. They especially loved stories about magical魔幻的world. Rowling wrote her first story49the age of six.

On a long train trip in 1990, an idea came to her. She wanted to write about a boy who has magic but he himself doesn’t know it. In 1992, Rowling began50 the first Harry Potter book for young51. It appeared in June, 1997. The book was a great success. And the film came out in November, 2001. Now Harry Potter series(系列)is 52with people of all ages and about sixty 53books were sold in 200 countries. In this series, Harry is an ordinary boy: polite, friendly, brave and clever. So when children read about Harry,they can imagine being like him.That’s 54 Harry Potter series has been so popular.

J.K. Rowling is very 55 with the success. Now she’s really enjoying life. She says she will go on writing children’s books.

46. A. isB. wasC. hasD. had

47. A. oldB. youngC. oldestD. younger

48. A. listenB. speakC. listeningD. speaking

49. A. inB. atC. forD. to

50. A. writeB. wroteC. to writeD. written

51. A. writersB. driversC. singersD. readers

52. A. bestB. popularC. gladD. busy

53. A. millionB. millionsC. million ofD. millions of

54. A. whenB. whereC. whyD. what

55. A. sadB. worriedC. unhappyD. happy

152006浙江省杭州市A时间________ 正确率________

I will always remember my mother’s last few days in this world.

On February 14th, 2000, my class went on a field trip to the beach. I had so much fun. When we returned to school, my teacher told me to go to the headmaster’s office. When I got into the office, I saw a police office. Suddenly I realized something was wrong. The police office told me what had happened and we went to pick my sister up. After that, we went to the hospital and waited. Time went slowly. Finally, we got to see our mother. It was terrible.

On the next day, the headmaster came and told my two teachers what had happened. I was taking a rest that day. I knew it had something to do with my mother. I kept thinking that she either died or had gotten better. How I wished that she had gotten better. When my teacher took me outside, my sister ran up to me. She started crying, “She’s gone. Teresa, mommy’s gone. She’s dead.” I couldn’t believe it. We jumped into the car and drove straight to the hospital. Most of my family were there. The silence was terrible. I knew I had to say goodbye.

Today when I look back, I still miss my mother very much, but I know that I will live. My mother was a strong mother, who had the biggest heart. My mother was an angel walking on the earth. I will always remember her as living. When someone is asked who their hero(英雄) is, they usually say someone famous, like Michael Jordan or Britney Spears. When someone asks me who my hero is, I tell them, my mother. My mother lives every day. That is what makes her a true hero.

41. Where was the writer when she learned her mother was very ill

A. On the beach. B. At the hospital. C. At school.D. At home.

42. Who brought the writer the bad news that her mother was ill?

A. Her sister. B. The headmaster. C. Her teacher. D. The police officers.

43. What did the headmaster tell the two teachers on the next day?

A. Her mother had been very ill. B. Her mother had been dead.

C. Her mother had gotten better. D. Her sister came to see her.

44. From the last paragraph of the passage we know that ______.

A. the writer is afraid of her mother B. the writer is proud of her mother

C. the writer feels sad about her motherD. the writer feels sorry for her mother

45. The writer must think her mother is a ______ woman.

A. famous B. freeC. rich D. great

162006浙江省杭州市B时间________ 正确率________

Michelle Wie, from America, is like a lot of other young girls in many ways. She is a good student, and she likes reading, drawing, and computers. However, in some other ways, she is very different. She doesn’t spend much time going out with friends or shopping or going to parties. She’s very busy practicing golf.

Michelle Wie is the best woman golfer for her age in the world. She was born in 1989. In 1999, at the age of 10, she began to win games against woman twice her age. At 13, she could hit the ball further than most of the women in the Ladies Professional Golf Association(LPGA). At 14, she showed she could hit the ball further than most men.

Wie began playing golf at the age of four. When she grew older, she played about four hours a day on weekdays and seven hours a day on weekends. Another thing that helped her was that she was tall. By the time she was 13, Wie was six feet tall. She’s a joy to watch. She has the flexibility of a dancer and also is very strong. And its clear that she loves the game.

46. When did Michelle Wie start playing golf?

A. At 4B. At 10C. At 13D. At 14

47. What does she often do after school?

A. Going out with her friends.B. Shoppingwith her family

C. Going to parties.D. Practicing golf.

48. How long did she practice on weekends when she grew older?

A. 3 hoursB. 4 hoursC. 7 hoursD. 8 hours

49. What makes her a successful golfer?

A. DanceB. PracticeC. Drawing D. Computers.

50. Which of the following is the best title for this passage?

A. Michelle Wie, A Good StudentB.Michelle Wie, A Young Winner

C. WomenGolf PlayersD. Golf Games For Women


172006年黑龙江省哈尔滨市时间________ 正确率________

How do you feel when you have to make a report in front of your classmates? What about when you go to a birthday party? Do you get36shy?

Shyness means feeling nervous or 37when you’re round other people. Everyone experiences体验this shyness 38they grow up. Most people have red faces and talk in broken sentences when they are in the center of attention. It’s OK if it takes you a while to feel yourself again when you go to a new place or meet strangers. 39, everybody gets a little shy sometimes. It’s just a caseof how much. But many teenagers think that they hate themselves and that they won’t fit in the future at some point.

Stop the negative消极的thoughts about yourself. If shyness doesn’t keep you 40something you want to do, being shy isn’t a very big problem. Some experts say shy people are not only cleverer, but also better at working with others, because they think more and talk 41 . Some great people in history were shy, too.

You see, being shy isn’t all 42. But remember not to let good chances 43just because of it ! Your shyness will 44. When you grow up year after year, you’ll become brave enough to speak to anyone. But now, you need practice! If you have to sing a song at a party, just do it! There’s nothing to be afraid of !

Remember, though you’re shy, you do not lack in缺少45.Cone on, our shy friends!

36.A.rtueB. realC. really

37.A.comfortableB. frightenedC. proud

38.A.asB. sinceC. by

39.A.What is worseB. In factC. For example

40.A.to doB. doingC. from doing

41.A.muchB. moreC. less

42.A.goodB. badC. wonderful

43.A.go downB. go overC.go by

44.A.pastB. passC. passed

45.A.confidenceB. confidentC. confidently

182006北京市中考英语试卷(课标卷)A时间________ 正确率________

At our school, we sometimes have a special day to help others. Last year we went to an old people’s 36and sang songs and performed a play for 37. The old people were very 38. We should be allowed to take time to do things like that more often. For example, we should 39primary schools and help 40young students. I want to be a teacher 41I’m older so it would be a great experience for me. Other students would like to do other jobs. For example, my friend Tian Ge wants to 42for a newspaper. She should be allowed to volunteer at the newspaper office once a week.








192006浙江省杭州市C时间________ 正确率________

You have often looked into a mirror, of course. But you haven’t seen the real picture of your face yet. And why couldn’t you see it? When you look into a mirror, you don’t see your face as other people see it. You see a reversed picture. If you close your left eye, your picture closes its right eye. If you touch your right ear with your right hand, your picture touches its left ear with its left hand.

If you have two small mirrors, you can see your faces as your friends see it. You hold the two mirrors at right angles(角度) to each other and look into them. After some practice you will be able to see the real picture of your face.

Now close your left eye and your picture closes its left eye too. Touch your right ear with your right hand and your picture touches its right ear with its right hand! This happens because each mirror reflected(反射) the picture in the other mirror. So you see a reversed picture of a reversed picture, which, of course, is the same as the real picture.

51. When you look into a mirror, you couldn’t see ______.

A. the picture of yourself B. your face as others see it

C. the picture of your faceD. the picture of your eyes

52. What does the word reversed mean in this passage?

A. 暂存的B. 相反的C. 模拟的D. 虚拟的

53. According to the first paragraph of the passage, if you close your left eye, your picture in

the mirror ______.

A. closes its right eyeB. closes its left eye

C. touches its right earD. touches its left ear

54. Which of the following pictures is right according to the second paragraph of the passage?

M = mirrorP = person

M1M2 M1M1PM1




55. We can learn something about ______ from the passage.

A. body languageB. Physical Education(体育)

C. optical illusions(视错觉)D. television invention

202006浙江省杭州市时间________ 正确率________


callchangestartbecausepictureduring woman

fromdifferentshorttheyyoungthat dress but

What was cool in the 1920s and 1960s

The life of American women changed a lot during 1920s. More women 56 working outside the home. The US Government gave 57 the right to vote in election(投票选举). Women’s look also 58 . In the past, they had long hair. Now many women in the big cities had very 59 hair. Instead of long, heavy dresses, women now wore short 60 . They showed 61arms and legs. They started wearing a hat from France which was 62 the “cloche”. Today we may think these hats look strange, 63 they were cool in the 1920s.

64 the 1960s, young people started wearing clothing 65 was completely different 66 their parents’ clothes. They didn’t want to look dressy or be in style(时尚). They wanted to be 67. Jeans were popular. T-shirts often had words or 68 on the front. And a very old style of glasses became popular with 69 people. They were called “granny glasses”, 70 they looked like glasses a grandmother would wear.

56. ______57. ______58. ______59. ______60. ______

61. ______62. ______63. ______64. ______65. ______

66. ______67. ______68. ______69. ______70. ______



46-50. CADCB51-55. CCBAA


41-45. ACBCC46-50. DDACB

32006年福建省南平市A56-60. FTTFF

42006年福建省南平市B61-65. ABDBA


26-30. ABCDA31-35. AADBB36-40. CCAAB


36-40. ABACC41-45. ABBDD


46-50. ACBAD51-55. CBDBC

82006年福建省南平市C66-70. CDCDA

92006年深圳市A51-55. DACCB



112006年深圳市B56-60. ACCDD

122006年深圳市C61-65. BDBDC


36-40. ADCAB41-45. BDBCA


46-50. BDCBC51-55. DBACD

152006浙江省杭州市A41-45. CDBBD

162006浙江省杭州市B46-50. A DCBB


3640 CBABC4145 CBCBA



192006浙江省杭州市C51-55. BBABC


56. started57. women58. changed59.. short60. dresses

61. their 62. called63. but64. During65. that

66. from67. different68. pictures69. young70. because


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