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Words and expressions

BC (=before Christ) 公元前
stand for be the sign or short word for something代表;代替;象征
The letters PLA stand for the People's Liberation Army.
PLA 这几个字母代表中国人民解放军。
continent n. one of the big land masses of the world 大陆;陆地;
We often speak of seven continents. 我们常说有七大洲。
because of as a result of something由于;因为
My brother is often absent from work because of illness. 我哥哥常因患病而缺勤。
well-known adj. fully known; widely known; familiar or famous 众所周知的;出名的
That writer is well-known. 那位作家很有名。
athlete n. 运动员
gold adj. made or consisting of gold 金制的
He put the gold watch in a safe place. 他把金表放在安全处。
n.[u] shiny, yellow metal of great value 黄金
Her ring is made of gold. 她的戒指是金子(制)的。
medal n. piece of metal, like a coin, that you give someone to show that he has done something special 奖章;勋章;纪念章
She won two gold medals in the Asian Games. 在亚洲运动会上她赢得了两枚金牌。
torch n. a piece of wood soaked in some inflammable substance, burnt to give light (火)炬;火把
badminton n. (no pl.) game like tennis, where the player hits a small piece of cork with feathers in it 羽毛球
We can play badminton quite well now. 我们羽毛球打得很好。
speed skating 速滑
track and field 田径
tie v. equal marks, etc in a game or competition (比赛中的)平局;同分
Finally the match tied. 最后比赛打平了。
v. bind, fasten, or attach with a cord, string, rope, etc. 系;扎
Why not tie a bell around the cat's neck? 为什么不在猫的脖子上系上铃呢?
final adj. last, at the end 最后的;最终的
The final victory always belongs to the people. 最后胜利总是属于人民的。
dive v. go under water 潜水
The submarine dived under the water. 潜水艇进入水下。
shooting n. 射击
weightlifting n. 举重
would rather would prefer to do something 宁愿;宁可
I would rather go tomorrow than today. 我宁愿明天去,不愿今天去。
take part 参加
wrestling n. 摔跤
AD [XeiXdI] 公元
competitor n. someone who tries to win in a race or competition 竞争者;比赛者;对手
competitors at a game 运动会的选手
motto n.[c] 座右铭;箴言
a school motto 校训
further adv. a longer way 更远
I was too tired to go further so I stopped. 我太累不能再往前走,所以停了下来。
rank n. a relative position or degree of value in a graded group 排名;分等级
This town ranks high among beauty spots. 这城市在风景区中享有盛名。
gymnastics n. 体操
practice gymnastics 做体操
venue n. a place for large gatherings, as a sports stadium比赛地点;体育馆比赛馆
prepare v. get something ready, make yourself ready 准备;预备
She is in the kitchen preparing the dinner. 她正在厨房做饭。
preparation n.[u] getting ready for something 准备
You cannot pass an examination without preparation. 你不准备就不可能通过考试。
in preparation for 为……准备
effect n. result, something which happens because of another thing 后果;结果;影响
The effects of this illness can be very serious. 这种病的后果有时很严重。
flame n. burning gas which you can see in a fire 火焰;火舌
The building burst into flames. 大楼起火了。
compete v. try to win; try to do better than other people 比赛;竞争
Twenty girls competed in the race. 二十位姑娘参加了赛跑。
flag n. piece of cloth with a special pattern to show a country, club, etc. 旗;标记
The five starred red flag is streaming in the wind. 五星红旗迎风飘扬。
profile n. a biographical essay presenting the subject's most noteworthy characteristics and achievements 简介;(个性及生平的)简要描述
weight n.[u] heaviness; the amount a thing weighs 重力;重量
What is your weight? 你体重多少?
position n. a place where a thing or person is 位置
Can you show me the position of the school on this map?
n. a job, employment 职位
He has a good position in a government office. 他在政府机关里担任一个好职务。
superstar n. 超级明星
point n. mark that you win in a game or sport (比赛中所得的)分
Our team scored five points. 我们队得了五分。
n. thin, sharp end尖端
It looks like the point of a needle. 它像是针尖。
n. dot(.) 点
Do you see this point on the map? 你看见地图上这一点了吗?
skill n. ability to do something well 技能;技巧
She plays the piano with great skill. 她钢琴弹得很熟练。
weigh vt. measure how heavy something is 称(…的重量)
The shopkeeper weighed the tomatoes. 售货员把西红柿秤了一下。
professional adj. who belongs to a profession专业的;职业的
He is a professional footballer. 他是一个职业足球运动员。
n. a person following a profession, especially a learned profession.专业人员;职业运动员
title n. name of a book, film, picture, etc. 题目
What is the title of the play? 戏的名字是什么?
n. word that we put in front of a person's name称呼;头衔
'Sir', 'Mr.' and 'Miss' are titles. Sir, Mr.和Miss都是称呼。
gesture n. moving the hand or head to show what you want, feel, think, etc. 姿势;手势
He made gestures to me. 他向我做手势。
facial adj. 面部的
one's facial expression 某人的脸部表情
Athens n. 雅典(希腊首都)
Los Angeles n. 洛杉矶(美国城市)
Greece n. 希腊

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